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Boat insurance guide


There is a general misconception that all boat insurance policies are the same - they are not! It would be a fantasy to believe that any one insurer or policy will give you absolutely everything you could wish for, so just how can you navigate through the small print? We hope this unbiased guide to boat insurance will help you to a greater understanding and balanced view of what is available. To find out more about the Pantaenius commitment, watch this video. Pantaenius now has a boat insurance app for the iphone - find out more here.



How much to insure for?

Boats vary so much in condition that the valuation will be generally down to you. So is it important to get it right? And what are the...


Storm damaged boat

Will I be paid?

What to bear in mind if you need to make a claim and why insurers make use of the dreaded loss adjuster.


Boat insurance survey

Why have a survey?

A detailed survey helps your insurer assess the risk and might lead to a lower premium. But don't expect them to pay up for things that are missed.

Choosing an Insurer

Boat insurance guide

Top tips for comparing policies...

Go for the cheapest and hope you don't need to claim, or go for the most expensive because that must be the best? Or take a more logical approach...


Boat on fire

How much will I pay?

If premiums differ between two insurers - unless one of them is making far more profit or benefits from economies of scale - then the events...

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pantaenius buoy

Get a quote

There's a point at which a bookmaker decides to accept a bet - he determines what the odds are against something happening. An insurer does...