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Boat Tanks Guide

Boat tanks guide

Tek-Tanks Ltd have been manufacturing custom built tanks for the marine leisure industry for nearly 20 years and are pleased to be able to offer their wealth of knowledge to YBW readers. Although Tek-Tanks specialise in plastic tanks manufactured from high density polyethylene, the advice given here will still cover tanks manufactured from other materials. The design, manufacture and installation of boat tanks is a vast subject but we feel that the following is an informative overview.

Boat Tank Types

Tek Tanks - Types of Tanks

There are many different types of tank available varying in material, shape and size, suitable for a wide variety of uses, including, water, waste and fuel. Materials can include polyethylene, aluminium, stainless steel and flexible fabric. Each has its advantages and disadvantages which can be found in the "Compare Materials" section. Most tanks will have a life expectancy of between 15 and 20 years depending on material type and how they are installed.

Level Indicators for boats

Tek Tank - Level indicators

There are a wide range of level indicators on the market to suit most applications, including new builds and replacement equipment. Level indicators are either electrical or mechanical and can accommodate a huge variety of tank shapes and sizes. Modern electronic devices can now be programmed to suit the shape of the tank to give accurate remaining levels.

Which Material is best for my boat tank?

Tek Tanks

Marine tanks over the years have traditionally been made from either stainless steel, painted mild steel or aluminium. The last twenty years have seen a big swing over to plastic or polyethylene tanks due to advanced high volume manufacturing processes such as blow moulding and rotamoulding

Contact Tek Tanks

Tek tanks logo

Find out more information about choosing and fitting the right tank for your boat, with Tek-Tank's expert advisers.

Cleaning and Maintenance for boat tanks

Tek Tanks

Tanks are generally regarded as a fit and forget item on a boat because they are invariably buried deep in the bilges and are generally inaccessible. Fuel tanks especially should be regarded as an important item on any routine checklist. Cleaning and maintaining tanks should be done on a regular basis the same as any other important equipment. A vast array of chemicals for cleaning, de-odorising and treating contents are available for all types of tanks.

How to fit a boat tank

Tek Tanks

Most new boats now come with a holding tank already fitted or at the very least the plumbing in place to fit one. If you are one of the many owners who do not have a waste holding tank and are thinking of fitting one then you should find this section very informative!