View Full Version : echosounder c/w 2 transducers and auto changeover switch

12-11-06, 21:33
Seafarer 4 echousounder (old type with rotating flashing light indicating depth)
I connected this to a 12v supply today but the sounder appears dead - may be of use for spares or repair.
The useful bits are the 2 transducers, one has a 15' cable and the other a 24' cable.
The whole lot came off a previous boat. The idea is that there is a transducer in each side of the hull (sailing yacht), connected to the automatic changeover switch (made by seafarer). As the boat heels, the switch connects the echosounder to the low transducer.
I can't be sure if any is working.
No instructions.

13-11-06, 00:40
PM sent

21-11-06, 10:34