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21-11-06, 10:57
Our boat's been in Chichester Marina since June and so far we've only eaten at the Spinnaker at the Marina and the Crown and Anchor at Dell Quay.

Does anyone have any suggestions for decent food and drink on that side of the Harbour?

21-11-06, 12:18
Spinnaker huh? I reckon Crown & Anchor is pretty okay though.

Firstly Yacht Club is worth a look. Good food, sensible money, good atmosphere & good company. And not far to walk / stagger back to boat

Also you could drive out of the Marina & turn left, few hundred yards on the left is the Black Horse. Very good, but must book. Sometimes three weeks in advance in the summer.

Another place which is getting good reports is (can't remember the name) but turn right out of the marina, turn immediate left into Wophams Lane, at end turn left and a little way down on the left.

Or there's The Ship at Itchenor (good enough for Kylie & can go by tender), or The Lamb at West Wittering, or No.1 (chinese) in Bracklesham, or Moonlight (Indian - very good) in East Wittering to name but a few.

If you want to spend a bit more, there's Commce Ca (very good) in Chichester, or Ken Can Cook (very very good) on the road down towards Fontwell

22-11-06, 09:42
The Spinnaker does leave something to be desired. A decent espresso machine would be a start instead of the instant coffee maker he's got at the moment. Plastic tables don't help, either! That being said, the steaks are OK and it's 50 yards to stagger back to the boat, so it has its attractions.

I thought that the Yacht Club was sniffy about visitors who don't come from beyond Chichester Bar. It looks rather nice, but we've always been a bit too timid to venture inside for fear of being unceremoniously turfed out on our ear.

Thanks for the recommendations, we'll give them a go.

22-11-06, 17:10
Could you please give details of Ken Can Cook - I've not found them in directories or google - and would like to try them.

22-11-06, 17:44
Try this link


We used to eat there when they were in the Ciderhouse shack. Wacky surroundings but excellent meals. Looking at the guest book, celebs, royalty and all sorts have eaten there.

They have now recently moved down the A27 near Fontwell, and although we haven't eaten there yet, my parents have twice and rate it as first class on both occasions. And probably not hugely more expensive than the Spinnaker.

02-01-07, 17:56
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02-01-07, 19:16
Bugger off.

05-01-07, 13:30
We stop at The Blue Bell in Emsworth fairly often for food. 15 - 20 Mins from the Marina, just down by the hard.

Memories of India at the Bosham roundabout is also very good for indian food.

And if you really want something good, head for Fat Olives, opposite the Blue Bell in Emsworth. Very good and very reasonable for lunches.

06-07-07, 15:42
Some updating appears to be required here. Kencankuk, which was outside of the marina has moved towards Fontwell and is now called the OAks. Fairly formal but very high quality. The lamb has now changed hands, The chef -an ex Conran chef-has sadly moved on to higher things.

What is new on the Chi landscape near the marina is TCH. Turn left outside of the marina and 300 yards on the right. TCH was the KenKanKUk site. It now has a couple running it who are extremely competent-he cooks she does front of house. They have a clear vision. They have made it very informal,rustic and based on high quality local ingredients. Not overly expensive but high quality, unpretentious and excellent.

Only draw back is the Chi taxi companies have been known to take 12 off groups doing the 330 yards back to the marina.

The local taxi drivers now own the Black Horse further up the road-back towards CHI- which is now dying on its feet . I do not know whether these facts are related.

But TCH ceratinly is worth a visit. The often gratis Apple schnapps after the meal a revelation. As one director of a well known local boat company remarked once there-'close your eyes and you could be in the IVY!'

06-07-07, 15:47
Erm..... pardon my cynicism (wearying in one so young) but you wouldn't have any connection with this august establishment would you? /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

06-07-07, 16:11
Not at all, just enjoy eating and eating well. For balance I would also say the Spinnaker in the evening is also good-particularly steaks. I do not apprecaite chef du ping and neither of these places use Brakes or their competitors.

But I do wish I had a connection as TCH could become a license to print money-as it seems to have got the essentials right-good food, nice surroundings and not hugely expensive.

20-11-07, 20:56
Er-hi guys-its me- Fabian again. The Spinnaker has changed hands. Wondered if any forumites have tried the new owners offerings? Now owned by the people who own Tandori nights in Chi. They are presumably likely to have a very different approach to the business.