View Full Version : autohelm 3000 wheel auto pilot

24-11-06, 20:20
I have an autohelm 3000 wheel auto pilot with the compass rose at the top of the control unit . I require a replacement control unit either the same or a unit from another autohelm which is compatible . Can any one help . Thanks - cesar

24-11-06, 22:45
HI, welcome to the forum, a small introduction might have been nice, but....

Has your 3000 given up the ghost completely or just a little bit?

26-11-06, 16:55
From the vague description. I believe you are talking about the analogue 3000. The control unit for this is barrel shaped with a compass dial on the top, which you use to set the course .

If so, it is normally the drive unit on these that expires. Raymarine have even stopped the digital version of this one in favour of the ST4000 (which to be fair is a lot better). IMHO it is worth letting raymarine have a look at it to see if it can be fixed with a 50 max spend limit without contacting you. I had my old analogue 3000 done a couple of times beffore the drive expired completely.

29-11-06, 14:52
one option is to get a later push button type autohelm 4000(not ST) and wire that up to your 3000 motor. There is a little wiring alteration to make but as a low cost option (i picked up 2 working heads for 10 and 15 off e bay)

The push button heads have the tack function but also seem inherently more robust.

Just an option to be aware of