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06-02-07, 13:26
Hi there,

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has done the UK to Germany passage before, and could make some chart/pilot/passage recommendations.

Imray has some good books on the British east and Northern passages, just wondering if I should know of any others before commiting to a purchase:


On a related, but slightly different tangent, is there a secondhand chart market? And if so, where abouts?

Thanks all, nick.

06-02-07, 13:43
We sailed to the Baltic via Kiel canal a few years ago. We only had the Brian Navin Netherlands and Germany/Denmark pilots, which were perfectly sufficient. Dutch charts are pretty cheap, and the detail changes annually, so not really worth buying secondhand. We bought our Baltic charts in Brunsbuttel and again they were not terribly expensive.

06-02-07, 14:29
I've got some Danish charts for sale on the For Sale forum that might interest you.

06-02-07, 14:54
We did the same as Vyv. We had a large Imray East Coast to Terschelling and another covering Texel to Cuxhaven, which were fine, with the Reeds almanac for the harbour approaches. If you want to linger in the Frisian islands, it's worth getting one of the Dutch packs covering the Waddensea, because they are very detailed, and since all the sand-bank shift, it's worth getting a reasonably in-date one. We got caught out in nasty weather when we couldn't find the buoyed channel to one German Frisian island (we found out later that the channel had moved), and had to sail a further 10 miles to get into the next island.

Danish Baltic charts were cheaper than UK ones, dutch North Sea ones were cheaper than UK ones.

06-02-07, 17:48
Got some dutch charts and pilots in the for sale section