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10-02-07, 18:18
Hi everybody...I just wondered if this section ought to be re-named and made active as a "Bristol Channel Cruising Section" to give us a local forum group, not necessarily aligned to any one meet or event, and encompassing sail and motor boats? Two issues here I suppose a) is there any broad based support for this idea, and b) would YBW form rules allow it?? Thoughts and comments??

11-02-07, 18:04
Count me in. I check this thread everytime I come on line but there's rarely anything on. I'll contribute as best I can.


15-02-07, 09:35
Count me in. check our website CDYC.for starters.

15-02-07, 16:09
Fully agree, the post has not been moving. It should be open to all Power & Sail.
Could it be linked to the Bristol Channel Yachting Ass (BCYA), which gives full details of various club events

17-02-07, 19:41
Actually it seems the BCYA have just set-up a new forum..so why not give that a go instead? Link to their website is www.bristolchannel.co.uk (http://www.bristolchannel.co.uk)

07-04-07, 07:54
Come on now! more postings please. /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif

09-04-07, 08:48
I have been working lately so not much sailing. Our Kids did a two day dinghy course run by CBYC sailing school. I can recommend it to anyone interested.They dont waste any time on theory,course started at 1000 Kids(beginners)sailing by 1100 .Non members can take out temporary membershiop I think. One of my sons was a bit nervous before but thoroughly enjoyed it despite being the first capsize of the day.

Despite doing lots of sailing with us on bigger boats I think they learned more than they ever have or would with us.



23-04-07, 11:29
Going back to my original suggestion to rename and expand the usage of this section...who is the owner / who started this in 2006?? Any objections to changing its scope? Please let us know. The BCYA forum I mentioned is not really being used and it seems most Bristol Channel folk would prefer to be here. Any other views or comments?

24-04-07, 20:14
I think you are absolutely right.Im sure if this forum was renamed it would become more popular.Theres quite a few of us here who sail the Bristol Channel.

I dont know why they dont delete the old unused forums such as those set up for the various Cherbourg trips over the years.

24-04-07, 20:46
This is an old unused forum! /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

If you look at the main menu, this forum is in the Archive section

25-04-07, 18:14
This is an old unused forum!

[/ QUOTE ]

Exactly my point Brendan rather than start a new forum why not give this one a new lease on life with a name change.

There are quite a few of us on here who plough furrows in the brown Bristol Channel water now /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

25-04-07, 23:06
No one is the owner, other than ybw. Leyton and a few others started it in Nov 2005 or thereabouts, with specific intent of a meeting or two in 2006, which is why it is now in the archive section.

Just ask Keith for a Bristol Channel/Severn Estuary etc etc forum if that is what you want.

06-05-07, 12:13
I have PMd Keith with a request for a Bristol Channel Forum.