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27-02-07, 19:09
I was skipper on a tug named "Influence" during the eighties. This was one of Husband Shipyards tugs named "Afluence".
The last job I did was to Pembroke where she was sold. Does anyone have any information as to her whereabouts? The last I heard she was in Bristol laid up.

08-09-08, 14:18
We have just taken over the project management of this tugs refurb. She is in front of the maritime museum in Swansea.
She has various foliage growing out of her but the engines last ran in 2004.
Any info on her would be much appreciated and you’re welcome to join her when she’s taken to be blasted.

Rich Husband
13-10-11, 14:18
I'm one of the Husbands, as you can probably guess from my name, although I was never involved in the Shipyard, my father Maurice was. I'll pass this on and maybe he can help you further, I'm sure he'll be very interested to know where the Affluence is. I remember the tugs from when I was young and we used to go down to the Yard, fond memories.

15-10-11, 10:54
She's up in Sharpness. I remember her from her days in Ken Thomas's ownership. I'll try dig out my pictures of her underway in the late 90's.


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