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27-02-07, 23:14
/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif Hi, in my search for the right liveaboard at the right price, my efforts have led me to a 40ft [not giving the design away in case someone gets there first] currently lying in St Lucia. My questions being,boat needs a refit, nothing major, new rigging being the biggest item, can anyone reccomend a yard on the island? vat has been paid but boat has been away from UK for several years. I wish to bring back to UK, will i have to pay vat again? and are there any local taxes etc i need to know about? and finally anyone know the costings of getting the boat delivered back to UK or indeed a delivery skipper that comes reccomended, or is all of the above going to make the project financially unviable?
I Thank You...

28-02-07, 00:44
Sadly VAT will be payable again. She will lose her VAT paid status as she is being sold outside the EU. There may be local taxes, but you will need to check with a local broker or customs.

28-02-07, 02:01
I wonder if some of the caribbean islands are considered part of the EU for this purpose.... e.g. Netherlands Antilles, or the French or British protectorates

not sure, just a thought.


Capn Pugwash
28-02-07, 08:37
There is a ruling in that if VAT is paid and the boat taken out of the EEC, it will not be payable on re-entry if re-imported by the original owner. There are various clauses to do with where the boat was situated and how old it is etc. Try the link below for latest bumph - fairly good guide but if in doubt ring the Customs & Excise people (they are human - ish!)

VAT and all that (http://customs.hmrc.gov.uk/channelsPortalWebApp/channelsPortalWebApp.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel= pageLibrary_ShowContent&id=HMCE_CL_000289&property Type=document)

28-02-07, 10:43
Unfortunately, none of the Caribbean islands are part of the EU. Even Martinique (where they use Euros) is only a French protectorate, giving it similar status to the Canary Islands, i.e. not VAT status.

Wish I could offer better news.

28-02-07, 11:59
I was told recently that if you live on your non VAT registered boat, outside the UK (or EU) for over 6 months you can bring it back into the UK and get a one-off VAT exempt certificate which entitles you to use it in the EU. Not sure if you have to prove residency outside the EU for 6 months or not...
You have to get to the UK without stopping anywhere else in the EU. When you come to sell it in the EU the purchaser will have to pay VAT.
Anyone know about this?

28-02-07, 12:48
If the actual sale takes place in Martinique, then the boat should retain its VAT paid status

28-02-07, 12:51
There was a thread recently on this issue here (http://www.ybw.com/forums/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/1328512/page/0/fpart/all/vc/1)

28-02-07, 13:55
A guy I know is shipping a 36' yacht from the east coast of the USA to the UK.I believe it is costing about 8k

Colvic Watson
02-03-07, 12:09
I hope this doesn't sound too obvious - but if you have proof of the original VAT payment, then surely that is all you ever need to carry on the boat? Provided that you don't carry the evidence of it being overseas, then if ever asked by an EU customs official for proof of VAT status, you show the VAT certificate? It seems iniquitous to have to pay VAT twice on the same boat!

02-03-07, 17:09
Simon,I have been having the same thoughts as you mention, surely it cant be that simple, there must be some pitfalls? Anyone care to comment?
Thanks for the response so far...

04-03-07, 14:08
My advice is ask the experts, HMCE do a booklet about reimporting boats sold abroard, it also covers the rule regarding owning your boat abroard then importing it including the years of ownership and how long you need to retain ownership within the EU before selling it, once you have read through this, phone HMCE with your outstanding or refined questions, you should find they are most helpful, I always have.
Good reading