View Full Version : First round of drinks in Falmouth

16-03-07, 11:58
How about a points system and whomever has the least number of points on arrival in Falmouth, buys the first four rounds of drinks for the four of us?
1 point - spotting a ship while on watch.
5 points - spotting a school of dolphins (at least 5 in the school).
10 points - spotting a whale.
20 points - spotting a ship while someone else is on watch.
-10 points - not spotting a 20 pointer while you are on watch.
25 points - landing a fish large enough to feed four.
50 points - being hit in the eye by a flying fish.

16-03-07, 12:09
25 points - landing a fish large enough to feed four.

maybe a wee bit picky but catching is worth 25 (at least) whereas landing especially with a gaff is wimpish job .. as opposed to jumping into water to recover said brute in amongst sharks looking for free lunch. all previous points earned by the jumper would be inherited by the catcher ...

16-03-07, 12:11
1000 points for chucking a freshly baked loaf of bread and 4 fish suppers at the arriving cat?

16-03-07, 19:10
Hm. Possibly too much scope for the more scurrilous - 'While I was on watch and you were all asleep I saw a whale being hit in the eye by a flying fish.'
What about anyone saying 'shall we turn the engines on?' has to put a tenner into the kitty.

Phoenix of Hamble
16-03-07, 19:28
-50 points for catching sight of the other boat about to ram them, taking violent corrective action, and then remembering they are in a multihull.

16-03-07, 21:10
ooer i pretty much did this one night - leaned well forward from pilot seat of a powerboat ...and in the sky above - the lights of several helicopters! ARG!. then i realised it was the reflection of er some dashboard lights in the windscreen...

Another time I dodged a large boat almost at the point of impact, which turnd out to be fenders tied to the foredeck....

16-03-07, 21:21
Now that you've got a proper boat you will of course be putting fenders away in lockers when not actually using them for fending.. won't you?

16-03-07, 21:35
Oh crikey..

17-03-07, 16:28
nooo ... sequence goes roughly as follows 1) ties fender on and 2) announces to anyone listening how knot will never undo 3) nasty-type wave sploshes in and 4) no fender

this same sequence has been applied to warps ...

now, i know that he who lives in gless hoos etc, and the incident with the cooking pot was, allegedly, due to involuntary stress reduction of a vital component which, inexplicably, relaxed at just the wrong moment

17-03-07, 23:44
Don't be concerned. Purely a bit of pre-positioning by Matt so that when he volunteers to take a night watch everyone will talk him out of it.

18-03-07, 05:41
Ah, thank goodness you saw through his folly and have enlightened us gullible types.