View Full Version : baggage allowance and the 2-stone sailing jacket

22-04-07, 18:46
Well, after much research, it turns out that I was wrong in an earlir post.Yes, very rare i know, but anyway... The weight limit is strickly 22kilos (actually 20 kilos but the checkin girl was ok with 22) and 12 kilos for hand baggage, tho the size restrictions aply to hand baggage so it's ok if anyone want to bring half a bag of cement i suppose, or a few house bricks.

BUT no restriction on the things in yer pockets. So! I went and bought a new sailing jacket with loads of pockets and have stashed a fair bit of gear in there. Also i reckon i can wear several shirts too, and shorts under trousers, and sailing boots. Para is hoping that we may get upgraded to avoid panicking the other pasengers when we arrive fully kitted out for a splash landing in the atlantic, including charts...

22-04-07, 19:36
Oh no. My hold bag is only 19.5 kilos and cabin baggage less than ten.
Have I forgotten something?

23-04-07, 01:14
Um, no, that sounds fine, ahem....