View Full Version : solar powered or 12 volt evaporation air cooler

03-06-07, 07:20
Do they exist?
If so where and how much?
I've spent hours online with no luck.

If not what does everyone elso do to keep cool in the Med?

Many thanks

03-06-07, 09:36
6 fans, two windscoops and un-uprated fridge for very cold drinks.

03-06-07, 18:24
3 Windscoops, 4 fans, lots of swimming and TWO fridges for cold drinks and a freezer for ice, 240 watts of solar power. Blast in the dinghy to get some air around the parts that matter!
If this doesnt manage it, start the genny and put on the AC. Or go to an airconditioned cheap bar!

06-06-07, 09:21
You've brought up the ''elephant in the room" concerning Med cruising!!
I sailed up the the top of the Adriatic. Much cooler!
Try to avoid windless anchorages such as Vliho.
However it's always cooler at anchor than tied up.
Adapt to siesta time ie get up early and during the day conserve energy
for the late cooler evening.
Eventually some crews head back to the UK in July/August.

13-06-07, 08:51
Peltier effect refrigeraion

gas absorption refrigeration?

as opposed to vapour compression?

The first is used in cheap camping/leisure refrigerator units, is a less efficient than vapour compression and requires a fairly large temperature gradient to cool effectively.
For the second a solar heat exchanger could be used, as the gas conversion unit, and I'm sure this has been done (at a considerable premium) for specialised applications.

The last is the one which most domestic and boat units use, it's fairly efficient but at about 45ah for a 24 hour cycle would need a large array of photovoltaic panels to store enough for the 24-hr cycle, my rough reckoning is about 550 watts.

The most important variable affecting power consumption, whatever cooling method is used is the quality of the insulation and the frequency of access.