View Full Version : Navigation hazard on the Upper Thames this Friday

18-06-07, 22:02
I thought I should send out a warning that I shall be on the river this Friday with my wife and three of her girlfriends from her gym. Did the same trip last year and it was pretty riotous so I recommend that anyone out on the river at the same time should give us a wide berth.

The particular hazards to look out for will be:

1. The risk of drunken women falling overboard. I should insist that they wear life jackets, but two of them already have their own built in bouyancy aids!

2. Other skippers being distracted by the bevy of beauties cavorting on deck.

3. I may be ever so slightly distracted myself.

We are planning to pick up our guests at Pangbourne and will be heading upstream. Give me a wave if you see us. I will be the one with a stupid grin on my face. And before anyone asks, I have already turned down about fifty offers to crew for me.

(P.S. I apologise unreservedly for the rather sexist tone of this post)

18-06-07, 22:12
Take pictures!


18-06-07, 22:57