View Full Version : For anchoring in thick heavy weed whats better than a fisherman?

20-06-07, 15:00
/forums/images/graemlins/ooo.gifTheres so many anchor threads to decide which is the "best" anchor i thought while the manufactures or ronca and the chap with the parot as his avatar are off sailing?? Id ask a specific question.

What is the best anchor for anchoring in heavy weed growing on sand or mud, will the same anchor hold as well when the bottems diferent?

To start with i havent had a lot of experience with weed as i try to avoid it,but i found myself haveing to anchor in weed a few years ago then i put out a 25lbs fisherman which held very well as it caught in the weed and to say "draged" would be wrong during a stiff blow some weed tore and the anchor moved about 2 feet digging into the mud.

What is better than a fisherman?

20-06-07, 15:10
Nothing! my understanding is that a fisherman is the best thing for weed. i would have suggested sticking one onto your primary anchor but after reading post in reply to John's query i think i'm probably wrong in that!

20-06-07, 15:25
If you mean a tandem anchor,that is where the main anchor deployed s say a 35lbs Danforth and to keep it dug in you add a 25lbs CQR for example bolted on the the main chain say 15 foot behing the danforth with a half fathom of chain?

If so you can just add a weight.Its just that on most boats there arnt 25lbs weights handy!And the kedge serves well as a weight

20-06-07, 20:06
We have had good results in kelp with our Spade - it is sharp and pointy and seems to cut its way through.

21-06-07, 03:15
As Webcraft suggests, you have a few options, and while a very heavy Fisherman's will do the job, it is quite possible for your regular general purpose anchor to do the trick. Certain types have sharp tips and are designed to cut through grass and kelp. And they will work just fine...


Off sailing, I wish, but it's miserable weather here in the southern hemisphere at the moment. As to the parrot, I dreamt that someone shot it, but I suspect it's lurking somewhere.

21-06-07, 07:41
Just now the sky has turned black the wind is gusting and i have two anchors out dug into mud to keep me off the river bank two grapels as there easy to throw. Im watching from a cafe as the gust try to remove my sun/rain cover.

Its really bad weather and im very glad im not at sea somewhere the rivers bad enough!

The weed i was thinking off was in just 5 feet of water so had i imagine enough sunlight to grow very thick and in places was sold to the surface.In fact it grabed me and helped to hold be!It was quite hard work getting out

A large Danforth i thought would tend to sit on the weed and a plough might hook on? The large fisherman reaches through and its weight and lack of surface area would help it sink down through???

Im sure there wouldent be a market for a "weed"anchor but if the was what sort of design would the anchor be??

21-06-07, 08:06
depends how long he can hold his breath........ /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif