View Full Version : The Castle, Gosport

25-06-07, 09:23
Hadn't been there for a couple of years due to the last poor experience, thought I would give it another go on Saturday - what a mistake! Still serving the same school dinner meals, still dirty/sticky tables (they cleared the tables after punters left but didn't wipe them down), still incompetent bar staff (ordered a glass of white wine which was off only to be told "it's the way I poured it"!!). Won't be going back for at least a couple of years when I expect it will be exactly the same!

26-06-07, 18:28
Apart from the poor quality food and offhand staff I would never eat there again after I saw the chef come out of a toilet cubicle and go back to the kitchen without washing his hands.

28-06-07, 09:23
Sorry you have both had a bad experience at the Castle. I have had a sunday roast in there on a number of occasions and found the food to be plentiful, well cooked and very reasonable. I admit that the staff could smile a bit more but I really like the place.

It's also incredibly handy for Gosport Premier (C&N) Marina ;-)