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25-06-07, 16:32
Having planned to leave the Med this year and start to head back to Northern European waters, am having second thoughts, perhaps it is the near continuous rain down here in Cornwall for the last 2 weeks........

Anyway, boat is currently in Mahon on a mooring buoy, picking her up from there in July, but have to be back in Uk for childrens sailing commitments by late August. Balearics is obviously going to still be expensive then so has anyone got experience of being hauled out in the Alicante/Denia area? Didn't antifoul this winter so would prefer to be out of the water, also hoped it might be cheaper. Key is finding somewhere helpful that will take a BOOKING (why is this so difficult in Spain?). Any help or ideas gratefully received. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

25-06-07, 16:54
Might seem silly suggestion but have you tried Denia itself? They ve a quite large yard at the marina.


Steve Clayton
26-06-07, 07:54
Yup; been out twice in Club Nautico; Denia (Marina de Denia doesn't have facilities).
It's a hit and miss affair if they don't know you; others mysteriously take priority and you get shoved back. Expect to wait 5-6 weeks if you book the lift-out yourself. Do it via an agent and it's a lot quicker.

Once you are lifted in Denia ( and put back) it's customary to slip the crane driver 20's as a "thankyou". Only you are allowed to "work" on your boat; all professional work has to be done by approved companies. (in these waters you want the hard ant-foul.)

Contact Wayne (senior) or Wayne (junior) in their Denia office via www.nauticalcostablanca.com (http://www.nauticalcostablanca.com) and see what they can do for you; arrange lift, boat managment, work etc. whilst you are away.

Moraira has lift out and small hard standing but no good for your long term requirement; they lift; do the work and back in you go.

Javea has lift out and large standing - could be worth a try.

www.seraph-sailing.com (http://www.seraph-sailing.com)

26-06-07, 08:16
Thanks for that, will try phoning Wayne. So are you saying the marina doesn't have a travel lift? Just looks from the pilot like there is hardstanding around the marina itself, or perhaps that is the Club Nautico? Will we get a berth in Denia for a night or two before being lifted in August?

Steve Clayton
26-06-07, 08:44
Of the two main marinas (there is a 3rd behind the main port area for boats up to about 26') only Club Nautico has the travel lift and hard standing area. The port area operates 2 haul-out systems for LARGE boats (eg the fishing vessels).

If you look at Google Earth then it looks like the two marinas could be just one large marina.

As you enter the port then Marina de Denia is on your port side with the pontoons marked A, B, etc. Club Nautico is dead ahead (almost on the leading lights); just keep pontoons E, D,C,B,A just on your port side and this leads to the entry to Club Nautico - with pontoons 1, 2, etc

There is a new port hand marker about 200 metres in line and off the harbour wall so if entering at night expect to see this additional light. (I don't know the flash sequence; but will when I pop in this weekend to pay a bill!). There is also dredging taking place 300metres inside the entrance on the starboard side - marked by "A" flags.

Should be able to get a berth; if doing it yourself then probably best if this is via Club Nautico as they have the lift out.

(And for anyone else who knows M de Denia - Tania doesn't work for them any more. She works for the local Harley-Davis agent selling leathers!!)

28-06-07, 17:07
Have a look at Bonaire in Mallorca. Nice marina, helpful folk ( if you keep on the pressure). A 1.10 bus ride from Alcudia. 75 to Palma airport. Stone dead in the winter I think.

28-06-07, 18:16
Will try Bonaire. Have anchored off there before and it looked quite tight in the marina. We wintered ashore in Alcudia two winters ago which was pricey. Thanks

28-06-07, 18:24
Tried Wayne but he unfortunately cannot organise haul outs. He says it can only be done direct with the Club Nautico, which doesn't bode well from your earlier comments as we need certainty that it will be lifted when we have left. Suppose we could just book it into the marina, if if they will take bookings, then send a diver down in October.

28-06-07, 20:20
I heard very recently that Aguadulce will now let you work on your own boat on the hard if you pay them 10 per day that you are woking on it - apparently it is all official.

30-06-07, 21:37
New varadero at Alicante have 2 big hoists and so far have been helpful and efficient when I ask for boats to be hauled out. info@varaderoalicante.com It is also only a 10 minute taxi to airport.

01-07-07, 19:54
That sounds great, do you think they have any temporary berths for a couple of nights prior to hauling out? We are flying back to the UK on the Sunday and would like them to lift the boat on the Monday. Thanks for your help, presume you are a yacht surveyor based inthat area?

04-07-07, 08:41
Moraira has a travel hoist. Don't have details but I'm out there this weekend so can try and get answers for you. Very nice marina and town.

Steve Clayton
04-07-07, 09:06
Moraira has a travel hoist.

[/ QUOTE ]
but a very small hardstanding; enough room for about 6 boats. It's very much out, do the work, and drop back in (so no long term leave your boat on the hard) and they have quite a waiting list.
Sammy, the main guy in the office has good english and is happy to chat for quite a while providing he's not too busy.

If it's hull work that can be done whilst the boat is in the water, (anodes, props, scrub, etc) then "Barnacle Bill" is your man. PM me for his details as necessary.

www.seraph-sailing.com (http://www.seraph-sailing.com)