View Full Version : Calor Gaz 907 Cylinders - Mallorca??

13-07-07, 00:40
Had a look at Camping Gaz web site which shows 4 places in Palma, (carrefour and El Cortes Ingles), but I've been to places from their web site previously, and found they dont sell Camping Gaz, and I've also found it at places not on the web site.

A ferretaria in Andratx sold cylinders which were similar, but they had no number, and were a different style to my 907's. left Andratx before I could go back with a cylinder, so am a bit lost as to how it works here.

Any ideas welcomed


13-07-07, 02:59
are we talking camping or calor gas? Calor gas can be filled by the small plant in Alcudia, just behind the ferry terminal. Camping gaz I've seen at a large ferreteria in Pollensa, across the road from the marina, back one street, ask if you are lost. if thats any help.

13-07-07, 09:01
Whoops! Camping Gaz 907 Cylinders.

Thanks for the info.

14-07-07, 12:22
In our recent experience tracking down Camping Gaz in Spain can be a bit of a pain. Ferreterias are usually the best source, but the town centre ones don't all stock them and can often be a long traipse or taxi drive once you have found a source. Cylinder quality in Spain is also pretty iffy. We noticed a smell on gas in the locker and discovered that a new cylinder was leaking. Not from the valve earea but from what appeared to be a crack in the bottle itself close to the neck. Thye are often battered and bent. One that I had recently was so distorted that it would not fit the cutouts in the wooden holder inside my locker. It is worth taking a look at the bottle they offer and rejecting it if you are not happy. The French bottles are usually in much better shape and the shops demand that you have the proper screw in seal and carry handle. My last Spanish bottle had no seal and was covered in dust and cobwebs. Not a high turnover then!

24-07-07, 11:51
I'd go to Carrefour if you can- we use them her in Cyprus. You might need a new fitting for your bottle- we have to have a pop down and click one which I think is now Europe standard. best to buy a new bottle- they're cheap here- £12 full/ new, £5 swap/full! (oh thats cyprus pounds though.... add one fifth to get comparison price for english£)

25-08-07, 20:43
Just to finish this off - I got some in a hardware store in Puerto Colom... exactly the same as my existing ones, about 10 euros +/-.

If I come across their card, I'll post the name and address.