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14-07-07, 13:31
Can anyone recommend a safe, affordable place to leave our 13 metre yacht in Greece for 5 months from October or November 2007 whilst we return to Australia - i.e. we will not be staying on the boat during that period.

We are considering leaving the boat in the water or on the land.

14-07-07, 14:43
There are lots of cheap(ish) possibilties in Greece, depending on where you wish to leave it. Over the channel from Preveza there are 3 boatyards at Aktion all reasonably priced and secure, all out of the water though Cleopatra have been building a small marina though Im not sure if its finished yet. There is an airport just 2 miles away, though flying is only practical from May to October. Though yu can go to Corfu for a flight with a slightly longer season.
You could also try Poros, just a short hop by boat from Athens or Porto Kheli. I have no experience of the latter 2 but keep our boat at Cleopatra in Aktion and I think all three yards are pretty good.

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14-07-07, 21:59
I don't know why you limit yourself to Greece? Most liveaboards leave their boats in Turkey in the winter as you will have much better choices, service and value for money there. Then after having had a great winter maintenance in Turkey we will head out back into the Greek Aegean Sea.

Main liveaboards centers are Bodrum, Marmaris and Kemer. Lots of very good marinas to choose from there. Very, very few comparable choices for the same quality in Greece.

14-07-07, 22:31
Last year you could fly in on Olympic all the year round cheaper than some of the charter deals.

I used Preveza Marine for six years and found it very satisfactory.

Beware the airport taxi prices and make other arrangments if you can. Two years ago it was 10 Euros or more for the one mile walk. Given that you are loaded with lugage and it is hot at times, they have got a good chance of business!

15-07-07, 07:31
Last year we paid an annual rate of Euro 6000 in Gouvia Corfu. Flights in winter time through Athens. This year we have an annual contract in Bar Montenegro and it costs Euro 1500, its a good base for the Adriatic. We fly in and out via Podgorisa to Frankfurt with Montenegro airlines. Its a lovely country and safe Marina but Bar is not much to speak about. If you need more details let me know.

15-07-07, 07:37

Beware the airport taxi prices and make other arrangments if you can. Two years ago it was 10 Euros or more for the one mile walk. Given that you are loaded with lugage and it is hot at times, they have got a good chance of business!

[/ QUOTE ]
Can I comment on this...firstly it is nearer 2 miles from Preveza airport to the aktion yards. The taxi is 10 euros ( 12 this summer) about 8.50. So the taxi ride takes about 5 mins..allow for loading and unloading each run will be abour 15 mins. returning to the airport for the next . If the taxi driver can get a steady stream of punters,then he will make 34 in one hour. Very unlikely!! Out of which he has to run the taxi and make a living wage for himself. I am not trying to defend taxi drivers..some of whom are rogues, but think about the economics of the business before commenting on the fare levels. How much is an airport taxi in the UK?
Apologies if I have drifted from the original thread.. I can recommend Cleopara ,we have been there 3 years now and are very happy with their service.. I understand from speaking to others that the neighbouring 2 yards are similar .When we left in mid June,the new marina works were progressing like the clappers,but ...it's Greece.

15-07-07, 08:32
I would not recommend Cleo over Akto or Peveza Marine yards. I had a bad experience in Cleopatra and others have too. I was asked by a friend to check his boat. They made me wait a week for the key despite his ringing them, because they were 'installing a battery'. When I got on the boat I found that they had 'installed' the battery, unprotected, on the cockpit sole.

As to taxis I bow to your experience. I have walked to and from the airport more than a dozen times and even with luggage it seems like a mile. I used a hire car in Croydon a week ago and twenty minutes was 6 with a tip and two weeks ago I had one from Port St Louis to Marsielles Airport, an hour each way for 50 Euros. I just contend that 12 Euros [a 20% rise in a year ] plus a tip for one mile is near the limit and if you can make other arrangemts you should try to do so. Incidentally my last taxi to Preveza Airport was 25 Euros without a tip but as I was splitting it three ways with strangers I did not argue.

I hope someone finds this moan useful.

15-07-07, 10:46
Affordable? First, make sure you can 'seal' the boat with customs so you don't have to pay the cruising tax for your absent period.

You have a wonderful range of options.

Choose your location according to your travel needs - Athens access should be convenient, which does rather write off the Ionian. But don't under-rate the good bus system and ferries.

From the simplicity of pulling onto the mud at Tranquil Bay opposite Nidri on Levkas (2 anchors out at the stern, solar panel for the batteries, fornightly or monthly bilge water check by a friendly native). Cost, a few euros for the friendly native.

Pull out on a sled at any of the large number of primitive boatyards around Greece. Typically, around 600. Syros, Poros, Salamis, Nidri, Aegina . . . loads of them . . .

Park in an incomplete marina . . . Pylos, Syros, Chios, Samos. Same considerations as pulling onto the mud at Nidri. Same costs too . . .

Even park in a complete marina. Some are incredibly cheap. Methana takes the bill here - 4 a day, with electricity and water. But the sulphurous water does leave your chain a funny colour, so use one of their moorings.

Even go to a serious marina. Tops for quality and value are Kos and Kalamata, around 2,800 for a year for your boat, in or out of the water. The Athens coast marinas are expensive, so I'd skip those, in spite of the convenience.

There's more buried on my website, where I usually note wintering spots and add links where possible.

Once you've selected an area, do pm me if you want more info

16-07-07, 10:43
for wintering in greece the best what i know is:
- methana on the water, can costs about euro 400 for
6 months but not 100% sure
- nea perama on dry - the costs can be around euro 200 per
months but also not 100% sure + costs for in/out
in case need more info, please pm
NB- there should be also formalities as cruising permit and etc
also turkey is a good place for wintering

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17-07-07, 09:11
Ah, for incomplete marinas I left out Trizonia, in the gulf of Patras, but it may be difficult to get a customs seal there, since it's a bit 'out of the way'.

17-07-07, 09:41
Thank you to all that responded - most useful.

We will digest the information in the replies and do some further research. Looks like there will definitely be something suitable within the suggestions.

Thanks again.

17-07-07, 11:56
Kusadasi (Setur Marina group), on Turkish coast opposite Samos, is an excellent marina but has become a bit less popular as more marinas open up further south. Our boat is there until we return in Sept. I was quoted winter rate about 60% of D-Marin, Turgutreis further south, where we normally leave Amari.