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17-07-07, 10:07
Hi All,
Does anyone have any opinion/experience of these boats and their history/seaworthiness?
Thinking of buying one (swapping heavenly twins and Pageant for one bigger boat)
Is there room for two adults and one child to live on one of these?
Any other recommendations for a 30-40ft Monohull, roomy enough for 3 people to live aboard (one full time, one adult and child part time) but seaworthy enough for circumnavigation. No big windows!
Thinking fin or long keel. Budget 10-20K
Thanks, Selina

17-07-07, 12:24
Hi Selena, I looked at these boats during my 'research' period, 2-3 years ago. Not many of them around. If I remember correctly they were built in either Taiwan or mainland China weren't they.?
Long keel, fairly solid, decent ballast-ratio, pretty well built boats with some very nice touches in the saloon & not over-priced either for what they can do. My only reason for not chasing one up in Scotland was that I concluded that 34' was a bit too cramped for me, (6'-2") & I then switched to looking at 38' boats. If she's in good shape with decent hardware I'd say she's well suited to your needs.

17-07-07, 13:55
Hi Jock,
Thanks for the reply!
We are both on the short (ish) side so think headroom would be okay. Some good boats about but need to sell two others or maybe a swap!?
What did you get in the end?

17-07-07, 14:40
There's one for sale at Peter's Opal at Kip marina.

17-07-07, 14:51
Hi Selena, I got a Nicholson 38 eventually. Not the ideal liveaboard I'm afraid but being single, I have all the space to myself & 6'-2" head-room....which is nice.!

Whereabouts is the Taos 34 you looked at.? Scotland.? If so she may be the one I saw for sale about 3 yrs ago. Maybe he didn't sell her & now she's on the market again. I do remember that she was a great-looking boat. Condition,...I didn't get close to the boat at all.


17-07-07, 15:32
There are three scattered about for sale at the mo. Need to sell my Heavenly twins first lol. Still doing some cosmetic work but might start advertising her soon.
Was the boat in Scotland dark green? THats the one for sale in Kip marina.
Thanks Pete

17-07-07, 16:37
I had HT27 and also know the 34 much more usable space on the cat.More modern 34s will start to equal the cat but you are into more cash John

17-07-07, 17:20
Thanks. I think you are right about usable space but my partner is not a cat fan and we want omething capable of extended cruising, I am not going to convince him a cat is safer than a monohull so need to find a boat which is some kind of compromise (I spend weekends on his 23 footer, he lives on it full time) but add in a dog and a child and tempers get frayed!

19-07-07, 06:30
Yes Pete/Selena, she was green, I remember now. I actually still had photo's of her on my laptop until about 6 mths ago. Pity I deleted them as I could have told you what the asking price was then, which would help you now, if you were quite interested in the boat.
Around the time I was looking at 33-34'yachts I'd been reading a lot of sailing blogs & books and of course, Lin & Larry Pardeys exploits on 'Taleisin' their 29' Bristol Channel Cutter, and others, & I really liked the idea of an easily manageable, easily affordable & maintained little boat that could take me just about anyhere. However I went to see a very similiar 32' boat in N.Wales(a lot closer than driving away up the West coast of Scotland) & that proved to me that I definitely couldn't live permanently on something that small, or even 2' longer.! I just have too many toys, & I like to train on my mountain-bike as well, so need space for that, & with spear-guns, diving gear etc etc...for a permanent liveaboard I HAD to go for a larger boat, even tho I'll be cruising on a very limited budget.

Hope all this helps, & all the best.