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31-07-07, 17:00
For those interested I've set up the group 'Sailing Liveaboards' within Facebook (http://www.facebook.com) . So far it's just me so I'm looking for fellow Facebook account holders to join in the sharing of info. Just type 'Sailing Liveaboards' in the search engine and it should pop up. It's an open group so anyone can join.

If you haven't got a clue what I'm talking about, opinion is split on whether you need to get a life or already have one!

01-08-07, 03:31
I've just signed up, and I see that Morgana Neil did as well.
Good luck - I am sure it will really snowball soon, and be a huge success!

01-08-07, 05:35
What's wrong with this one?
Too busy having a life to bother with two!
Cheeky demon you!

03-08-07, 14:45
Am with Englander - what's wrong with this site????

03-08-07, 15:57
can't view Facebook on this here 'puter at work, so here is good enough.

Phoenix of Hamble
03-08-07, 16:20
completely different concept.... facebook isn't an information exchange, its a social networking site......

Not that 'here' isn't great you understand /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

03-08-07, 17:47
Sorry not interested, dont do those kind of things, got too much to do!

03-08-07, 19:00
I'm on facebook.

"Pauline Peb"

18-10-07, 12:28
Just signed up to the group - hope others do too.

Katie on Monty B
Lefkas, Ionian