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01-08-07, 15:33
There have been quite a few threads on how to keep seagulls off.
Two months I ago I tried a new apprach and it has worked well. I got some runner bean netting (green plastic about 6 inch mesh) from the garden centre. When I leave the boat I clip this (in three sections ) over the boat. The seagulls seem to hate nets and keep off.
It is a bit of inconvenience to stow it and clip it on BUT it is tons easier and more pleasant than scrubbing and scraping smelly guano off her.
It is a very cheap approach and works 100% for me.

01-08-07, 15:54
I'm glad you've posted that. It was the next move in my constant battle against the buggers. I'm glad to see it works.
The sods sit on the stainless handrails of the cabin top and poo there. I think they like it because it's dark blue.


I have just had success with some nylon ripstop material which attaches to the back of each rail and around the steaming light post. It flaps in the wind and frightens them off.
However in the recent higher winds it has whipped the lens off the steaming light and that's lost to mankind.
Your netting may be a less destructive way of upsetting them.

01-08-07, 16:32
There's a mobo on the Thames moored off Strand on the Green that has a sort of horizontal wind mill fitted to the cabin top. It revolves slowly, a few inches above perching surfaces, preventing avian roosting. I'll put on a telephoto and try and get a pic of it later.

01-08-07, 17:09
The only problem with nets is that you need to make sure birds can't get inside and not find their way out again.

I'm sure none of us would wish to condemn any living creature to a slow death trapped under the netting.

Though I can see a case for making an exception for seagulls! /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif

01-08-07, 17:12
Just bought some green plastic netting from the hardware store as (patriotic) bunting wasn't having much effect..encouraged by your report here-still have to work out the attachment plan mind you..will report effectiveness in due course!

01-08-07, 17:14
Good point. don't want to be hoiking dead seagulls off the boat really.

01-08-07, 17:28
I've never been able to understand why some people use dummy owls to deter seagulls. Do seagulls know what an owl is and, if they did, would they care?

01-08-07, 18:00
Sounds like an oversized version of the Gullsweep, as featured on

www.outboardservices.co.uk/scarer.html (http://www.outboardservices.co.uk/scarer.html)

01-08-07, 19:09
I have used the very same thing for some years now and it does work. I tend to only need it at certain times, mainly towards the end of the season. The secret is that the mesh has to be quite wide so the beggers can't alight on it. I have also run a two inch fabric seam around the edge to make it easier to position; keep meaning to attach red and green port and starboard ties but perhaps this is a little over the top. Never had a problem with a trapped bird either. PS. The pea netting must be UV protected, it lasts very well.

01-08-07, 19:13
I've never been able to understand why some people use dummy owls to deter seagulls. Do seagulls know what an owl is and, if they did, would they care?

[/ QUOTE ]I believe it's called a counsel of desparation.

The only thing I've found that works is bungy cord stretched a few inches above any likely perches. If that's not practicable, thin black thread stretched at random across the boat is likely to upset 'em enough to go to the next boat /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif

02-08-07, 00:45
Inwould raise a note of warning about using nets. They can and do get tangled in the nets. Now a dead seagull is ok but a live and angry gull is a terrible thing. I recall having to cut a foot off a very angry gull to get it free of netting on a friend's boat. I could not be so cruel as to leave it there to die and it didn't seem possible to cut the net away. (Gulls here are a lot smaller than UK gulls)

So a vote for a boat cover. Although here the uV destroys anything light and plasticy.

Hey Phil; your little boat seems to have lost its mast. don't tell me you have gone over to the dark side? Yes I know aboiut frustrating winds on Windermeer so I suppose you can be forgiven. olewill

02-08-07, 00:52
Get grey decks.. I get no crap on our decks, but those next door do.

Unless it is because birds are scared of cats!

02-08-07, 06:46
Bit difficult to get it over a 40 ft mast though.......

02-08-07, 06:50
Park your boat next to a bigger, more expensive boat. Works for me - never a drop of cr*p on my decks.

02-08-07, 07:17
Thanks for all the responses.
The type of netting I am talking about is not like fishing nets which may easily trap a bird. The runner bean type mesh is thickish plastic and I think it most unlikely that a seagull would actually get trapped in it.

02-08-07, 07:55
Each year, the town council here sellls off their 6 x 4 m "billboards" for 10 EUR towards a cancer fund. It is in fact a printed PVC open netting, with holes of just a few mm. I've made a tarpaulin covering the cockpit and sprayhood. Birds can't get caught in this, but although obviously not rainproof, bird poo can't get through. Additionally, because it's perforated, it does not flap, even in a storm.

02-08-07, 08:37
Go Here (http://www.nocatch.co.uk/)

Click on 'the sea pens'

Click on 'seagull-proof nets'


02-08-07, 12:56
Try Humming Line - it was surprisingly effective for me.



03-08-07, 10:24
A couple of years ago, the charges in the local 'marina' (dock?) went up and many of the fishermen abandoned their berths for moorings. Several came over near me. before that, I had a tremendous shitehawk problem. I tried everything with little or no success. Since the fishing boats have taken up residence, the nasties seem to prefer them and, apart from the occasional poo, I am left in peace.

03-08-07, 20:29
You can drape as many nets as you wish over your boat, but if the swine sit on your spreaders or masthead and deposit their guano over your decks(like they used to enjoy doing on Puffin) you are just wasting your dosh. Stemar has the best idea which I adopted years ago and proved the most efficient - IMHO.