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18-08-07, 09:17
Any recomendations for good places to get hold of secondhand SSB? Must be marine unit & european certified pref with DSC, private sales or dealers and reasonably up to date (ie still service & parts available)

18-08-07, 14:49
I've seen them on Ebay

20-08-07, 08:25
Why do you specifically want marine Sir, also, european cert and dsc.
The are stacks of ham sets for sale that do the job, as for HF dsc, an epirb is a better opion imho.
If you have a problem with certification then I understand.

20-08-07, 08:36
Wow, that's a can of worms, Joe! There are pros and cons:-

1. Compliance, obviously. Ham sets are not permitted to operate on the marine bands
2. Ham sets don't have the pre-set marine channels and are more difficult to drive in a distress situation (no red distress button)
3. DSC - I don't think you can necessarily state that EPIRB is 'better'. It is different and is better in some ways, not in others. However - there have been disturbing reports that DSC alerts on MF are being picked up thousands of miles away (obvious when you think about it). That is very disruptive as I found when sailing from Ibiza round Cabo de Gata and was still getting Palma's four-hourly DSC alerts on the VHF for the weather when a couple hundred miles away - couldn't hear the station, but the DSC alert came through on Ch 70.
4. I personally don't think it's appropriate for non-hams to be using the ham bands; most of those who disagree with that are not hams.

20-08-07, 08:45
Hi David, yes, probably is a can of worms, lol
The comliance is a valid point, but I dont see it as too much of a problem. There can be an issue depending on the output filtering, but tests on the ts50 have shown no issues.
As said, it was imho, that epirb is better, and it remains that way, imho only. I see no need for dsc in the firstplace, but thats another long fuddles thread.
I certainly hope non hams dont use the bands, but sometimes the option of tx on ham bands in an emergency is there and can be useful, but, back to the dsc. Personally I would encourage all to take the ham test, it is so darn basic now compared to when I did mine.
But, I digress, it is what is best for the person. I would never pay the hiked price for ´marine´, although some good sets are available second hand, and the real estate of a lot of sensibly priced second hand marine ssbs, is a lot of space.

20-08-07, 08:55

What I meant by 'compliance' is that it is against the law for a British Flagged vessel to transmit on the marine bands using anything other than an approved marine set (and all properly licenced, of course, with station licence and LRC).

Other flag nations may have different rules but if you are flying the red ensign and you transmit on marine MF from a ham set, you are breaking the law, and any competent authority can 'pull you over' for it. Not a big issue for many or most, but if you are in a part of the world where the local authorities are gunning for you, that is ammunition.

Never give the authorities an excuse to have a go at you without very good reason, and certainly never before trying to find an alternative solution to the underlying problem.


20-08-07, 09:44
Absolutely David,

I would NEVER transmit on marine freqs with a ham set, no lordy no..... /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif
Same way that I wound never increase the tx power of my wifi, use directional antennas etc..... heaven help me.
As for the authorities, absolutely, but who uses SSB unless well off shore ??, my set is PURELY for Ham communications.

Well said.! /forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif

22-08-07, 12:30
Suggest a search on this thread for this topic as it is regularly discussed.

That said, I'm going to break the rules!! I have a Ham set and I will transmitt on marine bands when I want to (naughty me), albeit not in EU waters. As for using it as an emergency radio I'll trust my EPIRB or VHF if I'm in a hurry, or make a phone call to my kids using my Sat Phone!!

22-08-07, 12:53
If you are a licenced amateur you might find your licence is revoked or other action taken if you get caught infringing other UK radio rules. If you are not a licenced amateur, you might find that your ham set isn't of as much use as you had hoped....though I have heard it said that in the Caribbean people are using the amateur bands a bit like CB radio? Most - nay, all - sailors I've actually met (other than in this forum) who have amateur sets have ham licences. I suspect that some of the licences are a bit dodgy but the have a semblance of authority.

Capn Pugwash
22-08-07, 15:06
I guess I should confess to using a ham set as well! /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif

Came with the boat - sailed it across the pond (NY-Portsmouth) and found it handy for listening to Herb! I have an LRC but it was only when I checked the rules that I realised it was in breach. Didn't transmit on any of the ham frequencies though so what's the harm? I agree with Slarty - add the word "Marine" in front of anything and the cost quadruples (at least!).

Is there an amnesty yet where we can hand in our ham sets without fear of retribution? /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

22-08-07, 15:24
You don't need an amnesty to sell the radio - just offer it to a dealer or sell it on Ebay. If you are not a ham you will find it hard to sell to any other ham (unless they are pretty new to the game or clueless). Maybe get a friendly ham to check it over and sell it for you? But there is no legal issue - anyone can own a ham set, or sell one though when you install one on a boat the rules are different.

Like lots of rules and laws, you are unlikely to be caught but these things tend to come to light when they want to crawl all over your papers after an accident, or if you upset someone..... It's your risk.

I am presently in contact with a specialist firm in Gib who help to ensure that you are properly legal wherever you are and they say that a lot of their business comes from ordinary people who have one fairly trivial contravention, get caught, then lots of things come crawling out of the woodwork.

It's like the copper who stops you for one thing then checks your tyres, tax, MOT, DL, insurance, wipers, washers, lights, horn,.... It hasn't happened to me but it has to friends of mine.