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06-09-07, 10:27
Hi everyone
Executive committee of the 5th Trans Channel Scuttlebutt Exploratory Expidition met last night.
Well Tom and I had a pint and a yack.
We have prepared an updated spreadsheet which Tom is going to post a link to later today. There is some info that needs completing (such as boat type which is merely for others' interest) and mobile numbers which can be pm'd back to tom or me.
The menu and pricing are still being worked on - Sailfree has kindly been in contact with the YC and i am awaiting feedback from him. Last year we had the Capitaine menu and this year the more expensive Admiral menu was proposed.
Denbigh has correctly pointed out this is on the expensive side but the place is convenient and we can all stagger back afterwards.
The St Vaast contingent will need to make own eating arrangements - some have already booked the fuchias. We will cross on Thurs night aiming for early Friday pm lock opening, a snooze, dinner in F's, a lie in, shopping at Gosselin on Saturday and a run round to Cherbourg when gates open on Sat pm.
Sailfree has negotiated a discount (of 2 sizes) at Cherbourg so do ask for it.
We reckon we are at about 66 peeps so far as one or two have withdrawn. Do encourage any stragglers to join us.

06-09-07, 10:42
all looks good to me,

I understand the concerns about meal price, but if it includes vino then its not a showstopper, IMO.

Sans Bateau
06-09-07, 12:04

Anyone booking a table at Fuchias may do well to avoid one of the outside ones.

We were there Aug BH and had to move inside, we were covered in flying ants!