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16-09-07, 22:49
Just to let you guys know, if you are in the mood for a try a boat session, I arrived an hour and a half early for the show in order to secure a place on the try-a-boat phantom 40 and was first in the queue - we waited for an hour and a half, were first through the doors, we ran over to the furthest away point where the booking is based - two people in front of us in the queue and we had seen no-one else in front all the way there so we were almost definitely the first there!

The two people in front move away, and they cross out the fairline and only have two places on the sealine at 5 o clock left and here were 4 of us and we were not staying that late so we could not book as wasnt in the mood for a RIB.

So the bottom line is - If you are hoping to get on the fairline obviously there is a way of getting in early that i do not know of, but I would not get your hopes up too much /forums/images/graemlins/ooo.gif


Richard Shead
17-09-07, 12:38
Can you be a bit more specific on times I would like to look into this as thats clearly wrong. Its our boat and I would hate to think the system is being abused.

PM me if you wish.


17-09-07, 12:48
Hi richard, i have no problem putting it on here but feel free to PM me if you want /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif, i hope it didnt sound like an accusation against any of the staff because that it not how it was intended /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif It just seems that despite being literally the first through the door and actually running through the show with nobody else around except for the guys on stands and being second in the queue that something was not right...

I was going to contest it but didnt want it to affect my day and I would probably have only been met with a 'people were in front of you' and a disgruntled look from those behind me waiting to book a RIB /forums/images/graemlins/ooo.gif

I dont think the amount of places should be limited or anything like that, as i know some people come with 6 or more people who all like boats and want a go, and I would be annoyed if the four of my family members could not go on because we all lived in the same household, but it just felt ridiculous.

I feel bad coming with a problem and not giving a possible solution as that generally isn't my way, but I'm stumped as to how it could be made fairer... but the reason for the post was just to let people know that they should not get their hopes up or break their necks trying to get there /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

17-09-07, 19:06
Calm Voyager "sold out" really quickly this morning too. We went straight to the RYA stand to book, but we had a fair few in front of us.

Managed to get a slot at 3pm on the Antares? 1050. (It is an Italian design I understand?)

What an experience.. first time out on the salty stuff for us Thames boaters...Alex was looking a bit "is this all it does" as we obeyed the harbour limit. However, once the throttles were advanced she was away!

Many thanks to all those who were (are) involved!