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23-09-07, 09:52
I need to leave the boat for a week or so, is Algeciras any cheaper than Gib? Or is it even open? Or is there space in Gib at the moment?


23-09-07, 11:18
Hi Paddy

As far as I am aware, Algeciras is really only a port of refuge at the moment and visiting yachts are not officially welcomed. However I've never tried to get in there so you might be lucky. The numbers are in the pilot books so maybe worth a try.

The situation in Gib is a bit more complicated. Since Sheppards has closed there is a lot of pressure on Marina Bay but as far as I am aware there is space although you may have to contact them in advance to book. Tel 00350 73300. A possible alternative might be Ceuta across the Strait. Rates are cheaper and the ferry service back to Algeciras is regular and fast. If you need any more specific info on anything here please let me know and I will try and assist.



23-09-07, 15:37
Think you'll also find two rallys are due to start from Gib inside next few weeks so already crowded Marina Bay and Queensway will be chokka for a while.
Good luck

23-09-07, 18:16
Sounds like it might be a bit busy. In Ceuta at the mo so might jump on ferry tomorrow and have a look and a chat with marinas. Only really interested for handyness to airport and bit of shopping. Is Gib bood place to get new batterys and liferaft?

23-09-07, 21:25
Am in Marina Bay right now. We and the boat alongside are thinking of leaving on Tuesday - we should know Monday pm by 2100. If you'd like to PM me your email address and/or your Spanish mobile, I'll email you/call our intentions and ETD. We will probably leave at 1100. Gribs are showing good weather on Wednesday which is an alternate for us, but German met is giving stiff NE on Wed.

We are headed to Ceuta - will we get in there, or is it busy? Anything we should know, it is our first visit. Monohull, 12.75x4x2

23-09-07, 21:33
Gib: unlike many, I am a fan of the place and captivated by its history (read to much Hornblower as a kid).

But Gib is a buiding site at the moment so even I didn't like the place on my last visit. Worse still the the tribes are gathering for the ARC gobbling up all marina spaces and voraciously cleaning out the swindleries - price no object - as long as they pass the the ARC audit.

Unless you can pre-book or need to be there I would give the place a miss!

24-09-07, 10:11
Ceuta is Ok. Marina Hercules staff very helpful. The guy who looks after things at the week-end is particularly helpful and arranged a trip and a guide for us into Tetuan, Morocco. Good trip, but duck out of the carpet seller session! A good place to eat is the Swimming Club along the front on the beach on theother side of the peninsula from the marina, which may still be open.

24-09-07, 14:27
Do you know the price of diesel in Ceuta? I want around 500l. We might be going on to Melilla afterwards. Or are we better off buying here in Gib?

25-09-07, 08:14
There were some concerns about fuel quality in Ceuta. They say it has all been sorted out now with the refurbished marina. Pricewise, I douibt if there is much in it. We filled up in Gib and it seemed fairly reasonable.