View Full Version : Gas double burner & grill

24-09-07, 11:47
Has to fold away into a locker on my Hurley 22 so cannot exceed (approx) 460w x 220h x 370d including gas pipe. Ideally gas pipe should stick straight out the back rather than having an elbow to point down.

24-09-07, 12:09
I've got a Camping Gaz camping style stove that's fairly decent if that would do the job, would have to check the size if you are remotely interested

25-09-07, 08:21
Thanks for the offer but I looked at camping stoves first and all the Camping Gaz stoves (the current range at any rate) are too wide as well as having the pipe sticking out the side of the stove.

27-09-07, 21:26
A promising offer turned out to be too big, so still looking.

28-09-07, 15:31
Does this mean we will struggle for Hot Breakfast Provender on your fine craft?

Better bring the Bluet Gaz stove with us!!!

29-09-07, 16:48
Fear not! I used to be a boy scout.