View Full Version : Good Chandlery in Malta??

05-10-07, 11:23
In Portomaso marina and need a few bits for the boat, including some of those big springy things that stop the lines jerking - adjacent boats have springy things that are 9cm in diameter, so pretty big.

The chandlery on the marina seems pretty expensive, (as is everything else in the region of the Hilton Hotel, so I am sure there must be better options.

Apparently a swell in this marina can cause all kinds of trouble.

Many Thanks


05-10-07, 11:37
Richard you need to get yourself over to the other side of town, Gzira near Manoel Island. There is an abundance of chandlers over there in a radius of 100m so you have choice and therefore some competition. Whether it is worth the taxi ride I don't know but the buses are fun.

05-10-07, 13:19
Second that. A few years since I was in Malta, but there are several marinas along the waterfront near Msida, and particularly good one a few streets back. I'd ask around the over-winterers in Msida (who all need those springs) to see who is offering best value.

05-10-07, 18:38
If you can't find what you want on the front in Gzira/Sliema, try International up the hill on Testaferrata St, or Whitesails, opposite the marina office at Msida Creek. Johan at Whitesails is a good guy to go out and source stuff or get things made up or fixed for you.

05-10-07, 19:42
Thanks for the quick answers. Janets coming for a couple of weeks on Tuesday, so we'll be hiring a car for a while and will get over to the other marinas for a look and a bit of investigation.

06-10-07, 14:08
Hi Richard, maybe cu wed onwards. Ronnies is a good Motor Factors on the Manoel Island seafront, near the other chandlers.An Aladdin's cave, he is great for oil and diesel filters.Other Chandlers are very obliging also.There is no chandlery on Manoel Island itself, only on the seafront nearby.If you are feeling faint from the heat, there is a little coffee shop immediately opposite the bridge to manoel island, cool inside and good coffee, papers etc.nice ambience, looks more like a bookies from the outside!

06-10-07, 14:12
Sorry Richard, my post is a bit misleading , I meant that Ronnie's motor factors is on the mainland side, heading towards txabiex (spellcheck) and the Black Pearl area.

07-10-07, 14:28
Oh! love the idea of a good marina a few streets back. That must be the place to avoid the surge altogether :-))

14-10-07, 11:23
try Gauci Borda on the Gzira front and and International Marine in Testaferrata street