View Full Version : Nearly killed Volvo D3!

No Regrets
14-10-07, 19:24
20 minutes after departing for Pangbourne this morning, my Volvo EVC control panel started beeping and telling my I had an engine overheating!

Now the engine has only covered 81 hours, and I had just rinsed out the strainer before we left, so after assuring myself their was no raw water in the inlet pipe I removed the strainer, and poured a few bucket fulls of river water into the empty housing, and this cooled the engine down almost immediately.

I therefore assumed it was something I had done, so refitted the apparently well fitted strainer, and immediately the system started sucking up raw water once more!

It seems any mild vacuum leak will stop this system working, so Thanks Volvo for adding a nice load warning and clear instruments for my carelessness!

And to think I check all the belts, fluids and clean the strainer every weekend we use Shamby....that was still a close shave!

15-10-07, 17:49
I thought it was common sense and good practice to look in your strainers to check for water flow after having cleaned them. Also (where exhaust outlets permit) check for water flow from the exhaust at first start of the day. You should also train your ears to the exhaust note as one can hear when water is not silencing the exhaust note. It might be a good idea to check your impellers as running dry can cause damage.

Best wishes

15-10-07, 18:17
if the strainer has an "O " ring try a little vasiline on it to assist sealing

15-10-07, 20:54
Volvos strainers bless..em, don't have clear tops so you can't see the water flow, so if re-fitted a bit cross threaded it will suck air instead of water. You won't realise this because the exhaust is through the outdrive and sounds the same as normal even with no water flow. An exhaust overheat alarm is the answer, thankfully Volvo seem to have fitted one as standard on the D3.