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06-11-07, 21:56
ye gads, the things some throw away...

this year (Take a peek as we walk past......)

as new rule 3700 bilge pump, thrown becuase the float witch was knackered.. external switch at that, pump complete with all piping too !

Folding bike, no saddle, 9 euros for saddle at carrefour, 75 for the bike the day after to a passing boat.....

Kevlar propane bottle.. full test, take butane too...

Alternators, 3, no fault found, quick resale after clean up.....

Furuno gps 30, seriously... no fault found, mint....

Batteries from hell, the singles are usually knackered, if 2 or more dumped, quick hydrometer check, load test, and usually one is as new... got a nice 110 deep cycle today.. perfect..

Wind genny, rutland with broken blade..., sold as spares, the hub worked fine.

Fenders, usually leaking valve, sikaflex sorts them no rorries, fuel cans, full of fuel, placed NEXT to the fuel dump container, empty and wash.. cans galore..

Dinghy (Inflatable . given away, needed a bit of seam gluing...)

2 hp yam 2b outboard with a few minor faults..

1 tillerpilot...

loads of stainless tube and teak offcuts,,,

Whale gusher 25, just needed service kit.

800w petrol genny with faulty spark plug..

65 mtrs 10mm HT chain with worn galv but otherwise in great condition.

etc etc

unbelievable, but true..

Long live the MoNo´s...

pennies from heaven.. /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

06-11-07, 23:27
Our friend Captain Bob (any relation?) is a skip diver like you - very fond of old tatty Avon inflatables, says a bit of TLC, seaming, etc come up good as new and go on for ever. Anyway, he could not believe the bounteous goodies available in Holland. No disrespect to the people of that good country, but Bob reckoned they throw away anything and everything.
Is this your experience? /forums/images/graemlins/ooo.gif

07-11-07, 03:57
Captainslarty where are you? Here in wales if you found anything in the skip it would probably be old enough to be marked 'war department'

07-11-07, 09:12
beware of things which might look new, but might have been thrown for a good reason.

last year we threw away a perfectly good brush which we had used to clean the heads where and unfortunate accident had taken place.... you wouldnt have wanted that brush, but it was gone next time we passed the skip. /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

07-11-07, 10:51
when i last did some serious work on mine i emptyed the contents of a few lockers into the skip .....mouldy old hats gloves that werent a pair,lines that were half worn through, etc etc.

Next morning most of it was gone, a couple of the hats were seen being modeled by other boat yard ocupants over the following months. my kids thought it hysterical but its just recycling at its best, good luck to you /forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif

07-11-07, 11:35
My skip-trove includes a spray-hood complete with frame. The PVC canvas was pretty well knackered but lasted two years on my boat and provided a pattern, with some bits adjusted, for new acrylic fabric.
I always grab three strand rope for baggywrinkles and braid for cockpit mats (coiled & sewed). Bits of canvas are sometimes enough for running repairs and making up daft thinks like windlass covers.
Old zinc anodes go home for smelting down and re-use.
The only problem is getting in there faster than the other skip bandits (I do draw the line at personal hygene products I have seen purloined, like half empty deodourant cans).

07-11-07, 11:36

Nice one Richard.

In a previous clinical life I have cleaned many botties for unfortunates, so a tad of crapppo in a brush is no worries...

btw, we have had a brush by Ferriers Brush co. of Rochdale, made in 1892 , in our family for years, still going, normal service items required as one could reasonably expect, my maintnance logs show it has had 23 heads and five handles over the years....... /forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif /forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif

The best two times of the year are loony months (July August) when the money no object crowd comes over on mass, 8 to a boat, and also the arc (Usually from late sept to nov - last straggler left a few days ago).. the stuff they throw away is just incredible, ..

One guy here was offered a fender by a rather nice well spoken lady on an arc yacht, and this is 100% true.. barstard just met her before me lol).... /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif .. conversation went something like...

Lady Mariner to Alex looking at a nice blue big fender on the pontoon as he walked past "Would you like it, we are not going to use it.. ?"

Alex "Err, well, yes, thanks very much, can I give you something for it ?"

Lady "No, No, we cant use it, it is no good to us"

Alex "Well, very kind, thank you"

As Alex walks away, lady says "what abourt the rest"

Alex "Please explain ?"

Lady, "there are 10 all together, I thought you wanted them all"

Alex, "Well, again, yes, and muchos gracias Senora, but I must ask, why cant you use them is there a problem with them"

Lady, "Yes, they are not designed for our boat, we need white ones, the chandlers are delivering the correct ones later the manufacturers are paying, we TOLD them at the boat show we needed WHITE"

Alex... "Yes, I see"

then comes over here and collapses in the cockpit needing beer and reassurance that he was no hallucinating...

We also had a sweden yachts come in around 12 months ago dismasted, they had the remains of the rig (most of it) on the deck lashed.

having a beer with them one day, asked what the plans were, they were waiting for a crane to lift to a lorry for transport home curtesy of the insurers.. but they needed to get rid of the mast.. asked if we could help as they had silly quotes to have it taken away (Complete with very nice fittings etc)
Cpatn Slarty can sort that off course... angle grinder with 1mm cutting disk,,, mast "reduced" to skippable pieces in no time".. all fittings, crane head, goosneck etc etc removed in no time.. including a couple of nice winches, clutches, turning blocks etc.. gives bag (large) of bits back to guy and guyess, expecting a bottle of the finest Rioja for me troubles.. "no good to us they say, have you a use for them ?.."

Well, we found uses without much difficulty, and so did several other cruisers..

The above are not salty stories, absolutely true..

If you are cruising, on a tight budget, stay a while in crossroads of the world, La Coruna is a great one in silly season.. the azores (I presume) are another.. and many others around the world.

/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif

07-11-07, 15:07
Know exactly where you are and spend a fair while there a few years ago, but as you say crossroads or arc marinas are great for skip diving.

I have had a brand new genoa out of one a number of inflatables which just needed tlc, including the one that had only been out of the bag once but leaked, yes the vales were sticing open wd40 solved that..

enjoy the pickings

07-11-07, 16:38
well, fair enough though - she's getting new fenders so no need for keeping two lots? It's not very unbelievable, really, is it?

07-11-07, 17:59
you wouldnt have wanted that brush,

[/ QUOTE ]

I find hanging them over the side soon gets them clean. The mackerel clean them. And you can do a bit of fishing while they're at it.

07-11-07, 18:00
An infallible test for teak is to chuck a piece in the skip. If it's gone in five minutes - it's teak.