View Full Version : Taylors Cookers, are they worth it?

20-11-07, 11:39
New boat came with Taylors heater and 030 oven and 2 burner hob, Question is do these appliances merit the praise that is heaped upon them by old sea dogs who like the ritual to get them fired up,? They are around 1600 new, would I be better off selling the unit to the higest bidder, then fitting a Gas appliance and have the convenience of instant use?
I also have the Heater as well.

Well you did ask for a topic /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

20-11-07, 12:37
If it were mine I would try it for a full season then decide. The heater will be an asset.

When we bought Vega I was going to change the spirit stove straight away but ran out of funds,now i wouldnt choose to go back to gas.

One advantage of parrafin or spirit fuel is you know exactly how much you have left .

20-11-07, 14:10
I reckon the cooker is safer than gas. As you probably know we have the Taylors heater on board and it is a real pain most of the time. Great when it does work. Also not great with toddler or new crew on board.(the flu is a natural grab handle!) If you are getting rid of heater let me know.

20-11-07, 15:33
You should get rid of them, they are rubbish and of no use to anyone.

ps how much do you want for them?

20-11-07, 15:39
The heater is just junk, pm me and i will take it away. On this occasion i won't charge!

20-11-07, 15:47
Sorry all, just a windup, I think they are great, they light up easily with a blow torch. Heater has protecting shield so you cannot use flue as grab handle. /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

20-11-07, 15:57
Yeah, i like the dry heat too. Hence i'm giving away my brand new Ebersbacher with instructions (still boxed) 4Kw.

20-11-07, 19:25
If you are getting rid of your eber I could take it to the scrappies for you /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

26-11-07, 22:40
Eber is in bin bag ready for bin men Wed am...shame but need space.

28-11-07, 21:58
All went to the bin men this morning, they looked happy!

28-11-07, 23:43
Should have got back to you quicker - I was serious, but didn't think you were /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif