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02-12-07, 14:51

I am a complete newbie but have had a fascination for sailing for several years. After spending 5 weeks on a cargo ship crossing the Atlantic this year I have decided I would like to learn to sail and get myself a boat next year. Being based in central London, the obvious starting point is to take some RHA courses and then find out if I want a motor cruiser or sail boat.

Forgive my ignorance but is it possible to take a course that might include an introduction to both types of boats? Can anyone recommend a school in or near London?

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02-12-07, 15:56
Hi,You will not find much training for practical sailing in London; further out there is Bisham Abbey Sailing School near Marlow (motor boats and sailing dinghies).


02-12-07, 18:46
If you are based on the east side of London you could call in at the Greenwich Yacht Club on a Tuesday evening. http://www.greenwichyachtclub.co.uk/ gives the details
They have power, sail and rowing members and say they take complete beginners. They have links on their web site to a couple of training organisations (power and dinghy sailing). I'm not a member but I'm thinking of having a look to see what they offer.

03-12-07, 00:21
In central/East London: Shadwell Basin, Greenland Dock and Victoria Dock all have sailing instruction. Don't know of anyone doing power training this side, though there may be the odd RIB school further west?

Try the sailing and, if you haven't found a power option by then, then PM me. I've got a Targa 25 moored in central London (S Dock marina).

You could do worse than ask at the boat show at Excel after Xmas - there's always plenty of info on boating schools.

03-12-07, 07:14
If you fancy a trip down to sarfend, then this lot are very good. Well they managed to teach us & we haven't crashed yet.

03-12-07, 11:31
West and NorthWest of London has a prolific number of sailing clubs due to the significant numbers of reservoirs and lakes..

Staines/Sunbury for the Queen Mary Sailing Club. (http://www.queenmary.org.uk/)

Wraysbury for the old British Airways Club. (http://www.silverwing.org.uk/)

Datchet, The Queen Mother Reservoir all have sailing clubs.

Google is everyones friend /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif

04-12-07, 00:18
wow - thanks for all the responses guys!

I think you can learn a lot from the welcome you get to a new community - especially when you approach as a complete newbie.

I already have some food for thought once I have got over the trauma of Xmas spending. I'll certainly keep you all informed of my adventures and will no doubt be asking lots of silly questions in the months ahead.

I feel at home already /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

04-12-07, 12:37
Try this Sailing club (http://www.lcsc.org.uk/?PHPSESSID=f321079f621a6bb40928b7ea437ec35c)

and welcome to the forum

04-12-07, 17:50
Hi there - my school is based in St Katharine Marina by the Tower. Shorebased and practical courses. Visit www.classic-cruising.com (http://www.classic-cruising.com) to see what is on offer. PM me if you want more details /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif