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16-01-08, 14:05
Please see the post on YM Scuttlebut.

16-01-08, 14:53
I was just going to add that i posted a few weeks ago asking for info Sardinian and got some super replys which i printed out.

How to find a specific old post i can never workout

16-01-08, 15:42
Thanks Jim - we'll be in NE Sardinia at Easter, so your info will be useful.
Trouville, if you find back the relevant posts, could you point me in their direction?

Can't believe there's a place called Buggeru!

16-01-08, 16:39
OK ill look up the link i saved if it was on this laptop

copied the URL hope it works:

http://www.ybw.com/forums/showflat.php?C...rue#Post1692010 (http://www.ybw.com/forums/showflat.php?Cat=0&Board=ym&Number=1692010&Searchp age=3&Main=1690409&Words=trouville&topic=&Search=t rue#Post1692010)

16-01-08, 17:13
Tx Steve.
Don't have waterproof ink, so put in plastic pockets inside the pilot book

16-01-08, 17:43
We tried to get into Buggeru in 2006, couldn't resist the name! The entrance had plenty of depth inside the walls but it shallowed very quickly as we tried to enter the inner harbour. A few small speedboats were leaving at the time and we asked them (in Italian sign language) what was the depth further in. He pushed his boathook down - answer was about a metre. Quite a bit of dredging and wall construction seemed to be going on so maybe access will be possible by now or in future.

The village looks fascinating - has clearly been industrial in the past, rows of sheds right up a steep and narrow valley from the port. Anchoring possible outside but not in any westerly swell.

17-01-08, 13:12
I don't know the date of this, nor whether the link will work, but here goes: Buggeru (http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&time=&date=&ttype=&q=Sardi nia&ie=UTF8&ll=39.399326,8.402352&spn=0.018438,0.0 20685&t=h&z=15&om=0) Still looks shallow in bits in the photo . . .

17-01-08, 17:09
I suspect this to be as it was when we tried it, September 2006. We got about as far as the boat just leaving, when we were almost on the bottom, 1.4 metres. It was a good deal shallower a little further in.

All the boats inside seem to be shallow-draught speedboats and suchlike. That's as it was when we visited

17-01-08, 17:26
Well I like Portoscuso (in the south west opposite Carloforte) am over wintering there. Its a bast*rd to get to but once you have the hang of the trains and buses (not trivial) its dooable from Cagliari. The people are nice 'Sanddro the manager is a dead ringer for Steve Martin in "My Blue Heaven" but he is good and his english is entertaining. The industrial backdrop of Port Vesme doesnt intrude much apart from the occasional whiff if the wind is from North East.
A beautiful beach just around the headland, a little cafe in the village does steaks to die for - all very reasonable. Very handy for the village shops excellent grub. A short cruise takes you across the strait to Carloforte etc. Just watch the navigation I foumnd the pilot a bit glib on this area.

17-01-08, 17:30
Can you lift out at Portoscuso?

17-01-08, 17:33
Not sure - they do lift out with mobile crane smallish fishing boats and motor boats but I suspect its locals only - there is only a smart paved area to put you on. Cant/ Havent seen it being used to extensively to antif oul etc