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18-01-08, 10:37
Apologies for cross-posting this but I didn't receive much of a response when I put this in the PBO forum. Here's hoping I get a better response here.

I'm changing from a Mastervolt battery charger to a combi unit (inverter and charger) and here in Turkey Mastervolt is a little more difficult to get hold of. The alternative is Victron, a make I am not familiar with. I've been told they are on a par with regards to their quality of build but could anyone confirm this for me? The Victron alternative is an attractive one as it's a little cheaper than its Mastervolt equivalent and I can get on in Turkey, rather than relying on someone to bring one over from the UK.

All/any constructive comments appreciated.

18-01-08, 12:27
No personal experience yet but I have decided to buy a Victron. I have bounced around the usual stands at LIBs and visited various professional resellers in Spain.

FWIW the general consensus seemed to be that the products were on a par but the Victron after sales service seems to have a better reputation, one dealer had defected from Mastervolt because of this.......but they would say that wouldn't they - theyre selling Victron?

Good luck

18-01-08, 14:16
You've come to the right place now. Lots of previous posting on Victron - so do try the search engine. If people used it more we might get some momentum going for the powers that be to change the software!!!!

The MutiiPlus is slightly more expensive than the standard Victron but we feel it is worth it.
My Victron is the best peice of kit on the boat - and we have just about everything 'cos we like the easy life.

I've gone for the Multiplus 2.5KVA which has the added bonus of supplimenting the AC shore power when you want more than is available. E.G. in a marina where the breakers are only 6 amps they will keep tripping when you go over 6. With the Victron set to inverter on and shore power limiting set to 6 amps any extra AC power needed comes from the batteries. As soon as the total load goes back below the 6 amps setting the Victron switches back to charging mode. We also found this very useful wintering in the UK where we were set to 16 amps shorepower but still occasionally went over that when using the microwave or kettle as well.

The Victron has very sophisticated software that synchronises its output to the phase of the incoming power and it will also sync to up to 4 other Victrons to provide up to 12.5 KVA - if your batteries are large enough!

The victron also has great overload capability and we can start our 3 Kwatt Reverse-cycle heat pump Aircon/Heating happily from it and from the 1050Ah battery bank. The start-up current is about 23 amps AC with 4-5 amps running.

The MultiPlus is more expensive than the standard - but we think well worth it.

18-01-08, 14:50
Another vote for Victron. Fit and forget.

We've had ours for 10 years and it just does what it says on the can, charges and inverts. I'm not sure of the model, our provides 900w 240v, with 1400w at peak.

18-01-08, 15:00
I've had a pair of Victron 3Kva units paralleled up at my "off grid" farm for over two years now and they have been faultless!

The battery bank is charged by a wind generator and/or diesel generator and I usually leave it on as an inverter and the other as a charger so that I can charge with two and just use one as an inverter. If my power requirements with generator off exceed 3kva then I just switch the other unit over to inverter mode.

I bought due to the ease with which they can be expanded up to 15kva and have had no regrets so far!

So another Victron vote! /forums/images/graemlins/ooo.gif

18-01-08, 15:13
Wow, impressed with the replies so far (I used the search engine, by the way, but I wanted a direct comparison with Mastervolt).

Anyway, it seems as if Victron is rated hightly. I was worried that this was a no-name cheapie alternative but it seems as if current Victron users are satisfied. I think I've made up my mind.

Thank you all for your input.