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31-01-08, 15:30

Just before I left Lisbon, I was in a great rush, but managed to buy an Iridium SIM card for my borrowed satellite phone, however the place I bought it from said they would send a message with recharge details. Of course, this never happened. I bought 75mins, and have 59mins left, which expire in 19 days or something.

Can I recharge this SIM card with anyone, and will adding minutes to it preserve the time I have left? This one month expiry thing is pure theft!

Any Iridium experts out there?

Thanks! nick

31-01-08, 17:41
Not an expert, but I'm just getting my Iridium up and running. With my provider I can top up minutes and extend the time. I'm with mailasail who seem very helpful. The guy to speak to is Ed Wildgoose (yes, really)
+44 2070432832
www.mailasail.com (http://www.mailasail.com)
I have his email address, if you need it pm me.

01-02-08, 09:47
We topped ours up here (http://www.satphone.co.uk/networks/iridium/pre_global_tariff.shtml) Just pick the amount you want.

01-02-08, 10:54
Seems more expensive than 'Nippy Networks' aka mailasail. Their prices are similar but in US dollars, however not sure if you can top up an existing SIM. I would think so but you never can tell.