View Full Version : Six 2.5l unopened cans Flag antifoul, Steel White - offers

07-02-08, 15:36
Six unopened cans of Flagship steel white antifouling, bought from Screwfix last winter before they stopped selling it.

I used this copper based antifoul for the last 7 seasons in the Solent and it was at least as good as anything from Blakes or International, I got no barnacles at all and just a layer slime that easily wiped off at mid season scrub. This stuff has been highly recommended on the Forums by many users. It's thick so I recommend mixing it with a paint paddle in a variable speed electric drill, this makes light work of it.

Unused because we had the hull copperbotted last season

This is the high performance eroding stuff which now sells for 59.95. Not to be confused with the lower performance cruising antifoul they now also make.

Offers for the whole lot or individual cans?

Can deliver Aylesbury, North London, M1, M25, M3, A3, M27, Gosport and anywhere in between

07-02-08, 16:52
Does this mean its for steel boats only?

07-02-08, 17:33
No, 'steel white' is the colour - this is suitable for GRP, wood, steel & ferro cement
Not suitable for aluminium or galvanised surfaces

08-02-08, 20:30
30 quid a tin? (all of it, collected....)

11-02-08, 16:05
Sorry thats not enough, I'm looking for 45 a can, that's 15 a can less than it sells for in Chandlers

11-02-08, 16:39
Fair enough, a wee bit over the top for me. Thanks for replying.