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08-02-08, 11:05
I had some solar panels sent from Germany last week, and today I met someone that was the messenger of potentially bad news: That I need to engage customs agents, pay tax on the panels, and generally spend a lot of time dealing with Spanish paperwork.

Someone, please tell me this isn't true... ?

Has anyone had big items sent into Gran Canaria before?


08-02-08, 11:36
Ship in transit?

08-02-08, 11:37
Yes, ship is most definitely in transit, I just want to get out of here! /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

But, I didn't know about this, and it isn't marked on the package. It is addressed to me, my boat, my pontoon, and the port office though... Maybe they will figure it out?


08-02-08, 11:49
From noonsite.com (http://www.noonsite.com/Countries/CanaryIslands/?rc=Formalities#Customs)

"Equipment and spare parts can be imported free of duty provided they are clearly marked as being for a yacht in transit."


08-02-08, 11:55

09-02-08, 21:32

We had the same problem in Gran Canaria, company in UK forgot to put yacht in transit on box. We explained this to the agent who called us. All we had to do was give the agent a copy of our boat papers when they delivered the parts to the boat. Cost for his work was 50 ish euros. We did not have to pay any import tax. Sorry can't remenber the agent. Our package came Fedex.