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28-03-08, 18:26
Left the boat at Navy services 6 months ago, clean & tidy and ready for this season - just left the windows open a crack to keep things fresh.

Arrived the other day to find a thick layer of black steelworks dust in every cabin - now I know why everyone else uses tarps & gaffer tape!

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29-03-08, 08:30
I suspect the more likely source to be someone grit blasting a steel boat nearby. I am in Navy Service.

The steel works is miles away and there would be an outcry over the whole of Province if the effect was as you say so far from the works.

I recommend windows and all other openings are sealed in the Med. Not just for mice like creatures but large insects have been known to make a home in a water cooling system with damaging results.

I put a chemical moisture collector in the heads.

I have followed this policy in the Med. for a decade and never had any trouble with mildew whatsoever.

30-03-08, 06:22
ah Navy services I remmber, you ned a good bike to stay there and those mozzies. sorry to hear about your boat.

30-03-08, 07:15
I sympathise. We had steel/grit dust damage a year or so ago back in the UK and still finding bits in the engine bay. It also caused damage to our paintwork and decks. Have you checked your decks?

30-03-08, 07:26
The same goes for Napoleon, a better place in some ways but twice the price. Red has had one winter in Napoleon and two in Navy Service.

When I stayed at Napoleon it was at the time of their receipt of criticism and it may have been true. Even now the staff are less friendly, more business-like than Navy Service.

I would go for Philip and his able assistants if all you want to do is to tidy a boat before leaving it and prep before launch. If I wanted to live on a boat in PSLDR, I would stay in the marina in the centre of town.