View Full Version : Did rain shrink my boat? mobos & woman both tempremental

31-03-08, 19:24
Ive been away on a friends mobo im the "skipper" This weekend i reterned to my boat to find shes shrunk!!!

The outside looks well used but seaworthy,the deck once large is now tiny,when i stepped aboard she seems so light; below is shabby and tiny!!I looked about and couldent imagin how i ever slept aboard!

I phoned Stella i was able to stay at her flat when she saw me dressed in clean trousers and polo shirt with a smart pullover all part of the mobo uniform she thought it was wonderful?

An accidental benifit of mobo-ing amongst many others were 24 bottles of "bombay gin" 24 bottles of "Gordons gin" after all it is a "gin palace"not to mention cartons of very very good wine & (real)fizzy wine!!All bought in good faith with a visa gold and cash supplied to vital the "ship"

The cost would have bought me a laptop from ebay!!He forgot to tell me he was tea total!!My first instruction from the "master"was to get rid of the drink,he and i loaded it into my landrover and i put it in my storage unit and boat.

Stella went out,i opened a bottle of bombay gin and enjoyed a glass!When she came back she said id gone the same colour as the bottle,before going potty!Id forgotten id promised not to drink gin since i fell off my bike in Holland after a glass or two of Dutch gin

Now Stella wants me to live on land and drink tea!

Ive promised/agreed to stay with the mobo for a while longer until shes well set up.The longer i live aboard the "tea palace" the more Stella wants me ashore later??

Is this the end?Will i ever be able to set foot on a tiny sail boat again??

My folkboat never shrank but i think the baltic yard i left her at great expense has stolen her?They dont answer emails.

What should i do??
Im caught between Stella & a mobo im not being paid just fed and clothed & can use 200 a month for myself.

Is this the end?

31-03-08, 19:35
I think a few more very stiff Gin's before retiring to bed will see you rising tommorrow and realising it was all a very bad dream. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

31-03-08, 20:19
You have been beguiled,nothing will e the same again.Went to look at a 22 footer,it tilted when I stood on the side deck(WHAT THERE WAS OF IT) .How can I persuade crew that its "Spacial" especially the toilet!

31-03-08, 23:38
I recomend getting a wayfarer, a set of wool jumpers and some ond, none breathable PVC iolies. Take only an out of date chart (no GPS allowed) and no cheats like a fridge box, you have to live on onions and tatties + dried stuff plus long life milk. Program should be a cruise round the scottish Islands but youhave to pick a time with a good run of depressions comming through.

When You get back your boat will have turned back into a palace!!

01-04-08, 08:25
Thats a good idea!!

Not sure about the geographical position,even less enthusiastic about facing Scottish weather!That can be ferocious.The wayfarer sounds the way to do it!

Today it would have to be the Belgium canals perhaps the canal du midi or a lake.You cant imagine the wash some mobos put up when dragging about.

On the other hand Scotland is fabulous and amazingly the natives are really ok!

I havent been there for years,i seem to remember the summer was warm?As it happens ive been wondering why anyone wants to leave the UK for the miserable baltic when they could enjoy the wonders of Scotland,frendly natives and good "cafes"serving local products!

Good idea!Scotland has many Islands most with a village a small shop,pub & a friendly welcome for visitors,unlike the miserable cold damp rip off Baltic.

Now where can i find a wayfarer??Stellawill go up the wall!!

01-04-08, 08:31
Welcome back! Sorry to hear about the Gin, such a shame, but I'm sure you will find a use for it eventually. I suspect it has a reasonable exchange value if you are in need of an occasional meal.

01-04-08, 09:07

I dont mind the Gin ban im not ever good at gin,after a bottle i cant speak very well & after a bit more cant get across my passerell!

Life without the daily economic challenge is a change!When were the two of us are aboard his "new" mobo, where just friends, when he has guests im skipper cook or crew!Its a powerful 50 footer trawler type very comfortable!

Its a wonder that we kept in touch as his wife got rid of all his old friends years ago.Only those of us in excile survived.

They have a house near Antibes and he has several parkings in town under some flats he bought,he still has a old jag i drive from time to time to keep her in order when hes down by him self or with his children without wife he likes to drive my old landrover?He has a range rover that looks like something from a star treck set!!I understand why he prefers my landy!Not to metion mines far more ecological!

Life with a visa gold and cash in pockets fine but a bit of a challenge is fun and so far the winters when the economicaly challenged have space is better than the hot humid summers or rain soaked cold days near the Baltic.

I have been looking at some plywood small boats with the thought of useing one of them as a trailor sailor in Belgium which is wonderful in summer on the quite shallow narrow canals

One dark cloud casting a shadow on my present contented state is the obligation to retern to the Baltic by car to collect my things and sell or scuttle my FB.

I cant know if my boats still there perhaps the port has gone?Im faceing ruin in driveing 2500kms at 20mpg only to find nothing when i get there,ive paid untill June 08 but up there its wild west mafia and theives.The uncertainty is unpleasent

Ill never leave the med or a canal again,not even to go to Turkey!

PS my 3 speed works again it has a new stainless cable.Thanks for the adjustment instructions.

01-04-08, 13:34
On the other hand Scotland is fabulous and amazingly the natives are really ok!

Thank you for these kind words!!! The entire Scottish Nation applauds you!!!

Don't worry boats shrink all the time. They look enormous on land but as soon as they enter the water they shrink dramatically.