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09-04-08, 08:48
Morning All,
Has anyone been using these 'ere megapulse battery conditioners?
Are they any good?
I assume i will neeed 2, 1 for house batteries and one for start.
whats the biggest size bank for 1.

09-04-08, 08:55
Yes, I bought one last season. One is enough, as it doesn't need to be connected permanently and is better not left connected anyway as it does consume power.

I was most impressed with its effects. There was a visible improvement in the level of charge in the batteries, as measured by the charge indicator.

09-04-08, 10:14
when you say it doesnt need to be connected permanently, do you just clip it across the batteries on a regular basis, or whenever they are on mains charge, or when you think they need the treatment?

Here is the Megapulse website (http://www.pulsingproducts.co.uk/page2.html) if anybody is looking

09-04-08, 11:49
Yes, that's exactly what I do. If ever I am on mains, not all that often in the Ionian, I attach the pulser. My Sterling unit supposedly has a pulser within it (the electrical experts will probably correct me here, that has happened previously) so I don't use it with the engine running. If I suspect that the batteries have a problem I will leave it attached during the day and rely on the solar panels to keep the charge up.

09-04-08, 18:06
Anyone sean any independent testing on this system, I presume they are intended to work by setting up a ressonant oscillation in any PbS04 crystals pressent but would be interested if this has been proved rather than just anecdotal evidence.

10-04-08, 09:08
I have searched for, but not found, independent assessments of pulsators against high voltage (18-19v) equalisation charging from 4 stage chargers.

What is clear is that high voltage charging does break down sulphation. What's not clear is whether micropulses (Megapulse), or short pulses (10 second sessions during otherwise normal charging) do it any better than equalisation.

A disadvantage of equlisation is that the battery temperature must be monitored. However, many 4 stage intelligent chargers (with an equalisation mode) do monitor battery temperatures to control equalisation mode.

So pulsers aren't snake oil. They are likely to be useful to someone who hasn't got an equalisation mode on his charger, but probably little benefit otherwise.

A highly reliable source for this stuff is Battery FAQs (http://www.batteryfaq.org/) . I quote from his para 16.3: [ QUOTE ]
16.3. How do I recover sulfated batteries?

Here are some methods to try to recover permanently sulfated batteries:

16.3.1. Light Sulfation

Check the electrolyte levels and try one of the following three methods for removing light sulfation: Equalize the battery. Please see Section 9.1.4. for more information on equalizing. Apply a constant current at 2% of the battery's Reserve Capacity or 1% of the Amp Hour capacity rating for 48 to 120 hours, depending on the electrolyte temperature and capacity of the battery, at 14.4 VDC or more, depending on the battery type. Cycle (discharge to 50% and recharge) the battery a couple of times and test its capacity. You might have to increase the voltage in order to break down the hard lead sulfate crystals. If the battery gets above 125 F (51.7 C) then stop charging and allow the battery to cool before continuing. Use a desulfator, pulse charger or desulfating mode on a battery charger. A list of some desulfator or pulse charger manufacturers is available on the Battery References Links List at http://www.batteryfaq.org. Please note that despite desulfator manufacturers' claims, some battery experts feel that desulfators or pulse chargers do not work any better at removing permanent or preventing sulfation than do constant voltage chargers

[/ QUOTE ] Note his equivocation on the subject of desulphators and pulse chargers. His next paragraph, on dealing with heavy sulphation, is very interesting.

12-04-08, 19:33
Been investigating this some more, and found THIS ONE (https://sslrelay.com/s74222713.oneandoneshop.co.uk/sess/utn;jsessionid=1548010b273888f/shopdata/index.shopscript) from Sterling for about the same price.

there is also a Waeco one which is under 30 but is limited to a 300Ah battery bank.