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11-04-08, 10:14
...other than through a broker.

I suggested to a friend of mine, who is trying to sell his old but very servicable bluewater boat, to put it on ybw.com and in the mags. He's done that, but pointed out that the search facility might end up with nobody looking at his boat as its an unfamilar make (at least in the Uk) - a Feltzer Scorpion.

If any of you use ybw.com to look at private ads, do you tend to look for specific makes, or do you browse all new listings?

Anyone got any other ideas as to good places to sell bluewater boats?


11-04-08, 10:46
I tend to look via, size, cost, type and material. The scorpion is steel so its immediately going to pop up when people look for that material and thats got to be his target market. The Scorpions are not swish enough to compete against the more well known brands so buying a niche brand is always going to have its pitfalls. I search these sites: http://www.boats.com/,
http://www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk, http://www.apolloduck.com, http://www.yachtsandcruisers.com/

I have heard that the best way to sell a boat from these sites is to set up a personal website full of pictures and specs of the boat.

11-04-08, 10:56
We're looking for a steel boat- so all searches start with that as the criteria; then length/cost; and sometimes new ads only as we get sick of looking at the old ones.

11-04-08, 13:49
I have just googled it and if it is anything like the boat i have just seen it looks a nice boat.


11-04-08, 19:07
Re comment of setting up a web site - I disagree as single subject web sites don't get the exposure in search engine as well as larger sites. Not only larger sites but sites with a lot of changes and updates. There was a time when I could create a page for a new boat and find it on the first page of Google etc within the week but as I slowed down and created fewer new listing so did the appearance of these yachts on the first few pages of the search engines.

A friend of mine whose yacht I listed also listed it on the following sites with a link back to my site for details:


Admittedly some of these are foreign language sites but I am sure you get the idea. Two other friends sold their yachts on E Bay of all places - one a Princess 38 - sold to someone living less the a 100 miles away from them.

In any case, you stand a much better chance of selling if you list it in as many places as possible - advertising, advertising and more advertising. I don't mean paid advertising - that is what the internet is all about.

You can also check out all the yachting forums and with a little creative writing find a way to mention that you have such and such a type of boat for sale.

Cheers and good luck


16-04-08, 13:37
I agree squeaky but that is not what I said. You still have to advertise the boat on all those websites but the link from those websites should go to your boat for sale website.

My impression of some if not most brokerage sites is that they rarely cover all the bases of information etc largely due to all the boats they have to sell, having your own site set up for the promotion of your boat has to be an advantage.