View Full Version : did you drag onto the shingle at waldringfield?

25-04-08, 17:16
Do you own Morzen? Dragged onto the boat park at waldringfield on Wednesday/thursday?

26-04-08, 18:02
Yes... got a call just as I was getting of the train in London to say that Morzen was on the beach... cancelled my meetings & made quick about turn fearing the worst!

Thankfully she is entirely undamaged by the ordeal. A salutary lesson though - my (rented) mooring parted at the top of the tide and Morzen must have dragged her buoy and riser through the other moorings without colliding with anyone in the dark before coming to rest on muddy shingle right next to the concrete dinghy slips. Very lucky...

On inspection, the shackle on the sinker had corroded through - leaving Morzen to 'drudge' her way stern first down tide. Yard most apologetic but main thing is that she floated off easily with a line from the main halyard to a buoy in the channel an hour before HW without damage, confirmed when she was lifted for inspection yesterday - not so much as a scratch in the gelcoat. Phew!

People from the Fairways Committee, sailing club and yard were all really helpful - checking her over, keeping me informed and then before I got there preparing lines and readying a tow. One of the reasons that despite (or because of!) the heroic/lunatic navigation I always love to return to the Deben. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

26-04-08, 18:07

Glad to hear that all is well.

See you soon


Phoenix of Hamble
28-04-08, 08:24

Really glad that she's all well....

05-05-08, 20:51
I was being nosey so i took some photos while i was there. Would you like to see them? Was that you arriving in the yellow wet weahter gear?