View Full Version : South France next winter

26-04-08, 09:53
is proving a little difficult. Just tried Saint Raphael but they won't play for a 6 month booking. I have emailed Cogolins and waiting for a reply. Any ideas for a winter berth in the area?? October through to end of March. 12.5 metres Moody

26-04-08, 11:07
There are two marinas in St Raphael, one small (Vieux Port) and one large (Santa Lucia). Are you sure you checked the large one? I delivered a boat there this last winter and there was no problem getting a 4 month contract for that boat. Otherwise, you could also check Hyeres, which is probably full in the water but might have space on the hard. Thirdly, you can usually find space in St. Tropez during the winter if you are just sure to be gone by April 1st. You just have to wait until earliest mid October to arrive. First weeks of October is the St. Tropez Regatta and the harbour will be full.

26-04-08, 12:55
Thanks for that, I have emailed Cogolins and St Tropez but specified 1st October so I will change it to mid month.