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29-04-08, 09:01
Hi all, our long term plan is getting a little closer now as we have sold our stink boat of 10 years. Im boat less and missing the sea already.
We need a replacement sailing boat (catamaran possibly?) for our year out. We are thinking of cruising around Corsica , Greece, Croatia, Turkey etc, having already chartered is these areas.
Question, what boat would you guys reccomend 2 people plus occasional guests.???
Thanks, Love reading your reports from around the globe

29-04-08, 09:49
pm sent

29-04-08, 09:50
How much dosh have you to spend?

How old are you prepared to go?( an older boat may be fully kitted out for Med. cruising)

What length can you manage or wish for?( Med marinas are increasingly charging in 10m, 12m,15m...... bands)

Do you want to use the canal system? (this will limit your draught to 1.5m, or lift keel)

If you come back with data on the above I'm sure that you will get a torrent of advice!!!

PS I know there are some dodgy phrases in this so for the jokers out there, please refrain from witty comment!!

29-04-08, 10:38
Length around 10 to 12 metre as long as 2 can handle it. Draught i think we would not be looking for canal use ?
so not sure on that one . Age as long as its sound , tidy and clean will wait and see what is around. Prefer something that has a bit of performance as well as live aboard. Price depending on the craft, year etc up to 80,000 maybe a bit more.

29-04-08, 15:08
You are spoilt for choice with that brief and budget!
In 2005, after research on these forums, attending boat shows, looking at brokers' ads on ybw.com we flew out to Turkey and spent 3 weeks visiting the Aegean marinas and brokers. Decided on an older quality sloop rather than newer 'all white boat' such as Bavaria or Beneteau. Amari is still going strong! Walking up and down marina pontoons and speaking to other owners also helps. We felt more confident using recognised broker who managed the money transfer than private purchase from a local vendor
Good luck

29-04-08, 17:01
gotta be a nauticat annit!

The only boat for you, especially as you're an ex moboer. nice big engine, inside / outside steering position, big wheelhouse, sails well, bags of space, nice big engine oh already said that.

However one thing I don't think youll get here is true impartial advice because we all love our boats and think they're the best.

29-04-08, 17:43
If you only want a year out why not look at an ex charter boat in somewhere like Greece. You might have to pay VAT on the price but the boat will be cheap. This is especially true if you can find a boat of someone who is giving up and going back to the UK. The boat will be filled with everything you need. This is the right time to buy in Greece rather than the autumn when there many ex flotilla people who have got the urge and want the same as you.

29-04-08, 19:17
I am not sure we can help you land lubber. There is no perfect boat. Every boat is a compromise and you have to find the compromise that works for you. It will be different than someone else's compromise. Chartering boats to start with is often a good idea to get to test out different boat types. Then try to get a delivery crew position on a boat that would not normally be on charter, like a Nauticat, an HR or a Najad. That should give you some ideas of what is important to you in a boat before you make your choice.

30-04-08, 08:19
Thanks for the advise. Which model would you reccomned , that sails well , What are they like at anchor as we prefer the old fashion way as in little time in marinas. hows the weather in Portugal

30-04-08, 15:34
in Portugal Last summer (july through to October) I think Isaw about 1/2hr of rain, beats Anglesey! I'm of back next week for another summer of sun.

Lady Jessie's right about the compromises, I'd love a sailing witch so I got a dinghy as well, but I also value sea keeping and comfort at anchor, for that heavy(ier) displacement is called for.

Space is another consideration, we like having a wheel house to sit and eat in, we like the large aft deck for parties, the kids like to inhabit the saloon. we spend a lot of time at anchor so the 44 is big enough for the toys, rib, dinghy and canoe, but the compromise is that marina work is an aquired art and costs a bit more.

Have a look at the NC38, nice boat, or the 44 if you can find one. But take LJ's advise and try them out, if you can't get to a marina and doorstep some owners of some of the NC's HRs Najad's Contests etc, not common flotilla boats but IMHO better build quality and good seaboats all. Most ownres will be welcoming and more than willing to tell you of the good and bad points of their boats.

30-04-08, 17:38
So if i was to go down the Nauticat route any particular model ? , which sails better ? . We have a 40 in Jersey which i had a look at this afternoon will give the owner a ring and ask if i can see over her, i dont think its for sale though. Where did you look for your present boat. Steve

30-04-08, 18:53
I'd love a sailing witch so I got a dinghy as well, but I also value sea keeping and comfort at anchor, for that heavy(ier) displacement is called for.

[/ QUOTE ]I really didn't want to get dragged into this, but I just have to add my two cents here:

There are indeed boats that are really wonderful witches to sail, but at the same time are very stable and extremely seaworthy. They are normally called cruiser/racers, although not every brand in this alleged category really live up to this description. Typical boats that are extremely rewarding performance sailors and at the same time are also very comfortable in handling any heavy weather conditions are (IMHO): Nautor Swan, X-Yachts and my own boat Sweden Yachts. They are clearly not a boat type that suits everyone but they are the optimum in the 'go anywhere fast' category.

30-04-08, 19:42
Sorry LJ by sailing witch I meant my previous boat a one off 28ft racing machine, an F1 compared with NCs more Bently attributes. Great machine that took no prisoners, was totally unforgiving of any mistake and was a true witch to sail. I'm sure cruiser racers are rewarding to sail but they are still compromise boats.

My compromise was to forgo the outright performance and trade it for comfort.

01-05-08, 01:03
Beleza Skiper, Whats your view on the 38 Nauticat versus the 44 then.
difficult question im sure also how do they compare to the fisher, which i believe is part of Northshore.

01-05-08, 11:02
Have you looked at the price of a nauticat ??
Add to the overinflated price, the kit out for livaeaboard use. Your budget begins to look a tad 'thin'
There are simply thousands of boats available. Limiting choice tyo just a few brands at this stage is being blinkered.
YOU have Try to find the thread asking what boats people sailed and lived aboard.. that may give you a good idea.

01-05-08, 13:08
might as well throw it in again -

Most boats sail pretty well and most have their foibles - get a boat that you are proud to sail in to anchor. We all have!

01-05-08, 13:11
ooops forgot to say

This boat is also your home! Its quite different to just being a yacht.

01-05-08, 13:28
Redbreast, slarty is right, there are many boats out there that would suit your needs and pocket. There have been a good few threads on this very subject. Moody 375s seem popular, steel boats too have their following.

Have you actually sat down with your partner and made a list of all you'd like see in a boat? We did, and looked at an awful lot of boats before we bought Beleza, but she was the only boat that ticked all OUR boxes.

In answer to your specific question, I would heartily reccomend the NC44 over the 38 as it has better accomodation, and IMHO sails better, having sailed and motor sailed both models over great distances, others may disagree. I would reccomend an older model say, pre 86 the quality is superior, I went aboard a new one at the boat show and there seemed to be more laminates and ply and less real timber. older ones can offer very good value for money especially if you can work on her yourself.

Fishers at the risk of being shot down in flames, IMHO do not compare.

01-05-08, 14:31
I have an NC38 'Liveaboard Layout'. From new Nauticat will build whatever you want but among the 'standard layouts' they offered a model specifically designed for liveaboard / long term cruising in the NC38.

The motor sailers normally have an upper and lower seating area but the liveaboard layout sacrifices the lower seating for a larger galley and full size head and walk in shower room. There is an en-suite head aft with sink / hand shower too. The upper seating area has a larger seat than the other layouts which converts to another double berth if required.

This layout swung it for us. It's a 2001 model and to give you an idea of budget if I was selling I would be looking around 150k.

As for NC44 / NC38 performance, well, year model for year model they will 'perform' similarly but obviously a 44 will be 1/2 knot or so faster.


01-05-08, 15:51
You mention catamaran's - have you looked at one of the Prouts.

You should be able get a Event 34 or even a Snowgoose 37 on that kind of budget.

Have a browse a multihull world

Multihull world (http://www.multihullworld.com/)

(more piccies on Prout Quest 33 on my blog - link below

01-05-08, 17:42
Funny you should mention that, because i was on board a Prout 38 this afternoon . Hardly used 1999 hulls the chap kitted it out him self top class stuff an engeneer with very good joinery/cabinet maker skills didnt put it in the water till 2004 new spee never used 60hrs on yanmars over speced the engines as well as the rest Genny wind vane etc trouble is the price around 150k asking

02-05-08, 11:48
It does sound nice but you have jumped up a couple of "rungs" on the ladder there. The Prout 38 is a Broadblue 385 in all but name so maybe it's not surprising that the price is so high.

If you look for a older 37 Snowgoose you might find something more in your price bracket if you fancy going down the cat route. Still some good boats out there.

Remember to compare liveable space rather than just LOA for the mono to cat comparison.

Good luck in your search and let us know how you get on

02-05-08, 14:37

Question, what boat would you guys reccomend 2 people plus occasional guests.???
Thanks, Love reading your reports from around the globe

[/ QUOTE ]

Old Prout Event 34 or Snowgoose 37 catamaran. Within your budget, loads of room, comfortable at anchor. Bit of a pain in a marina due to charges but who wants to stay in a marina?

02-05-08, 20:55
my previous boat a one off 28ft racing machine, an F1 compared with NCs more Bently attributes.

[/ QUOTE ]Fair nuff' bazonbeleza. You are correct; there are a lot of 'cruiser/racers' that are not really very hot. But I have sailed a Swan 59 a lot and it really behaves like a racing dingy. It is amazing; you throw in a tack and you feel this 24 tonnes boat just take off and accelerate on that new tack. Great feeling and it is the same as you would feel in a racing dingy; it is surprising how close these well designed boats gets to a racing dingy performance.

My own SY 390 is similar to that performance level; just a kick in the backside when the wind picks up and off you go.... Sailing at its best!