View Full Version : Fibreglass and suntan cream.... oooooooops

17-05-08, 13:19
Jayne lays 'minimalist' on the cockpit cushion whilst I work - well, nothing strange about THAT !.. Wimmin !!!.

So, I says... won't be min hon.. just gonna cut a 3 foot by 1 foot access hatch in the aft of the cockpit for the new gas bottle locker....

Off I go's... cobalt blade in the Jigsaw.. hot knife through butter.. I yell . "Only a minute".... then.. oooooo luck babe... a new hole in the boat...

however.. its then we both find out that grp dust and suntan cream on Jayne dont really mix...

Why on earth did she storm off to the shower ? - I just cant understand the female psyche... ?

Doh !.. I also dont really think she really understood the "Look, I NEED 5 cans of beer BEFORE I cut more holes in the boat" either...

WHY does my soup now taste of broken glass.... ?


17-05-08, 21:53
It's crushed diamonds that are traditionally used to commit murder by spurned ladies, Cap'n.

18-05-08, 10:41
Aha.. thats what it is...
Must be safe for now, as buying shiney worthless rocks was never on our agendas /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif