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25-05-08, 22:10
check your receipt...

Supermarkets are increasingly getting a bad name for 'accidentely' making a pricing mistake. Checking the bill for a major weekly shop is tedious and we all roughly know how much we spend, however, a few pence/cents isn't going to either break the bank or raise any eyebrows. Recently we've noticed, by chance, discrepencies with a 'buy 2 get 1 free' where at check out you're charged for 3 items. An immediate response of 'terribly sorry' and a refund is forthcoming. However how many times do we not notice this? How much can be made by slight of hand?
Over to you.

25-05-08, 22:13
Never had a problem. Is this a country specific issue?

25-05-08, 22:17
Tesco make it easy here and show all the offers/savings at the bottom of the receipt so you can see if you have been credited with them all.

Have to admit I don't check the individual prices on the bill but am aware of what savings I should be getting.

25-05-08, 22:20
It happens quite a lot in Ireland. Usually have to go to the customer service desk and they sort it out. It is down to whether the managers have implemented the offers on the barcode system or not.

25-05-08, 22:45
Absolutely! We are, after all, very trusting souls and cannot believe that deliberate mispricing could take place. Genuine mistakes at the till are one thing but when 'special offers' are advertised and not implemented are another. Again - how many of us check this out?

25-05-08, 22:46
I usually have a quick look through, and haven't seen any errors yet.

25-05-08, 22:57
That's reassuring! Obviously you shop at one place and know the prices very well. BTW what's a quick look? After you've been 'prosessed' & there's half a dozen people behind you the assistant is getting more & more stressed - you're totting up your receipt and find a minimal error! What then?

25-05-08, 23:11
No, I shop at a variety of places. I know which offers I've picked up, and check when back home, and only takes a quick glance through. If there was a discrepancy, I'd take the receipt back there when next in area.

I'm not typically an offer shopper, so I would notice if the offers weren't on the receipt.

25-05-08, 23:23
Well it's good to know that you're not getting ripped off! Unfortunately there only seems to be us 'here' at present !

25-05-08, 23:50
I work in a shop, and on very busy days with people who buy lots of items it's nigh-on impossible to make sure you have:

a) Scanned every item you've put into the bag, or not noticed that the beep sound was in fact saying there was a barcode error instead of acknowledging the correct barcode

b) Not scanned something twice in error

It can be very hard to prove once you have left the shop that you have been charged twice for something and havent given it to a waiting accomplice outside for example, but I suspect if it is of relatively little value there will a budget for these kinds of mistakes and the loss will be offset by not pissing off returning customers...

Swings and roundabouts I suppose. People may moan if they are charged for two loaves of bread when they are actually a BOGOF, but I'm almost certain wouldnt mention anything if they noticed whilst leaving that they had only been charged for one tin of beans when they in fact had two.

26-05-08, 00:10
Even from the other side of the till, I can tell if someone has scanned items correctly, and if they hadn't, I'd check the receipt immediately, rather than leave shop and challenge later.

If I was a team leader, and someone was not scanning items correctly, they'd be retrained, and if necessary, after warnings, fired.

26-05-08, 07:11
What you say is very worrying. Can't have Fortnums et al ripping one off, what?

When the butler brings in my early morning tea and anchovy toast, I will ask him to have a word with the housekeeper about it.

26-05-08, 08:08
Ah! I saw your housekeeper coming out of the 'cash and carry' she's not telling you she's buying at Fortnums is she??
You can't trust that lot from 'below stairs' either, T O... /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

26-05-08, 09:06
Don't know about all of you but I got a free pair of jeans on Saturday when the till assistant forgot to scan the barcode.

28-05-08, 08:30
We found in Australia what can only be described as dishonest pricing. A 100 gram pack of something @ say $2 and a 250 gram pack labelled 'economy size' for $6. We were advised to always work out the unit price on bulk offers as that sort of pricing is rife.

28-05-08, 19:16
Not a problem in Turkey. The two big supermarket chains; Tansas and Migros, both give receipts that show at the end 'how much you earned' on their special deals. A very good easy check that you got what you expected.