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16-06-08, 09:29
Just got the renewal form for the SSR. We are now cruising, and living aboard. We are resident for tax purposes, i.e. we pay UK tax, but not in the UK for 185 days a year. So in theory we can't re-register the boat. A nonsense, surely?

What do others do? Is Part 1 any different, other than being more difficult and expensive to set up?

16-06-08, 09:35
Presumably you have an address in the UK. If you have then just renew.

18-06-08, 15:56
Best you do as the last post says discreetly as we all do today,now the Blue books gone

PS /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gifpart one now has to be renewed as the SSR but at a price only terorits can pay being funded by the eec as they are /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif

18-06-08, 17:22
Hi John, I trust that you and Mo are well and enjoying life?

There are several different definitions of 'residency' depending on which group of officials you are talking to at the time. For example, if you want to take out travel insurance you will see that they have their own interpretation of 'resident' as do HMC&E.

I don't think that you would get into trouble by saying you are UK resident if you keep an address in the UK, and pay UK taxes. Stay with the SSR and just use your UK address or go for Part 1. Part 1 has never done anything for us, as far as I know so unless you feel the need I would stick with SSR.

All the best from us both, David and Sandy

22-06-08, 02:32
If you are a resident in the UK for IR purposes, then normally you are resident for SSR purposes - end of problem. I confirmed this with the Registry about five years ago.

My impression was that if you are a British citizen formerly resident in the UK but your residency situation is now unclear then they would be prepared to stretch a point regarding allowing one SSR registration. (That was then, of course).