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26-06-08, 09:48
I have two, virtually new, XM Quickfit, Junior auto lifejackets with harness attachment point which are of no further use to me.

Here is an example:- http://www.marine-super-store.com/posit/shop/index.php?selectedpartno=XM+CHILD

I purchased them mid 2004 for my two teenagers, who wore them on a few occasions in our tender to and from our river mooring in 2005 but they quickly outgrew them in the first season. They are suitable for a weight range of 18-40 kilos-NOT 40-60 as shown in some adverts.

I don't think they've ever got wet, even by rain and they are in first class condition.

These jackets have been inflated by pump and do not leak. The gas bottle is uncorroded and the seal is intact and each weighs to the gross weight specification stamped on them.

The firing mechanism however is time expired and I shall be replacing each one before I part with them.

I paid 50 for each of them and the new firing mechanism will cost 7, so if anyone is interested at 32 each including postage or 27 each collected either from my home in Bromley or from the Medway area let me know

Alternatively, if you want to take the chance and rely on expired capsules and save 7 on those prices you can have them with capsules with expiry dates of 02/06 or 10/07- I may have a more recent one in substitution for the 06 date when I check my other jackets on my boat.

I am off sailing later today until Sunday, so please excuse if you don't get any responses until after my return.


Whoops ! Just deflated them and noticed the crutch strap for each is missing- probably in the loft somewhere, so I shall have a rummage after the weekend

26-06-08, 20:57
pm sent

28-06-08, 20:21
1 now sold- 1 still available