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22-07-08, 04:59
We're very seriously considering wintering at Port Turistico di Roma (the fairly new marina off Ostia with the odd-shaped entrance). The prices look acceptable and we have had acceptable feedback from friends who have wintered there though there have been many negative comments about surge and the need for springs and extra warps. What seems to be in its favour is good security, easy public transport and a winter community.

I phoned them yesterday and they said that they only have one place left (No. 668) for our size (we are 12.75m so we need their 14m berth) and that I'd need to book it right away. We've come across this sort of pressure from other marinas in the past but in fairness, along the French southern coast it is near-impossible to find a berth if you phone round and some friends of ours recently spent a whole day on the phone and found nowhere from France until around Almerimar.

We are thinking of turning up around between September 7th and 14th. What are our chances of getting in, based on your experience? I am not comfortable about paying them for this now, especially without having seen the berth. I guess we'd get into somewhere on the Fumara Grande, or even in Fiumicino, if we just turned up and PTR was full?

22-07-08, 11:47
Do you know which quay #668 is on? The best quays for minimum surge are at the southern end C and D I think. Then you have to be sure not to be too far towards the seaward end of the quay because it gets significant spray over the sea wall. Any quay near to the entrance will be a REAL problem for surge, even to the point of having difficulty getting on/off the boat in bad weather.

With that said, I have many friends who did enjoy their winter in P-d-R as there is plenty to do and the wonders of Rome are very convenient. There was a strong live-aboard community in the first 2-3yrs of operation there. They even created their own "Yellow Pages" of information and contacts for services and spares etc. I have a copy (Word file) from 2004 if you are interested.

Sorry can't comment on the gamble of waiting until Sept. I do know that when we were considering it in 2004 we arrived in Sept and all the good spots with minimal surge were taken much earlier. We did not need to stay on board so we hauled out in a small yard on the river but went to the Marina often for services and friends.

22-07-08, 11:59
Thanks for that. I will make a note for when we arrive. I don't know where 668 is but in any case I don't think we would be prepared to book it now in case something happens to change our plans - this is a volatile world right now.

22-07-08, 20:44

is the Roma Yachtie Yellow Pages. I just checked and it is there.
Did 1 year there and whilst the surge was manic at times (put onboard with luggage by RIB) 2005/2006.Boat survived well, some cleats strained but tightened up ok afterwards.each block has super heavy duty washing machines, great for covers and ropes(all forbidden items of course).Blows from south sand and salt on boat and rigging. Blows from north brown stuff of unknown origin coats from masthead down.Marina is 1 km long and pontoons are on piles so surge has plenty of length to get going. Very good Chandlery, Yacht club is luxurious with several big TV sets and pool room. Film nights are thus poss. 3 internet desks in a quiet room.Join by the day @5. in 2005/6.Outside the marina looks grim, but is safe nowadays. good supermarkets, bikes useful.train to rome 1 approx. Mind your wallet, not in trouser pockets, Termini worst. Fiumicino is quieter, may actually be more liveaboards beyond the 2nd lifting bridge, 1st is a pedestrian venice style, 2nd is a bascule type, guessing 18m clearance but level in canal dictates, ask!!!!!Free bus sustituto to airport. Huge new shopping centre at Parco Leonardo bys No 5 at the fishmongers outside Michele's (he retired) yard near the Bascule bridge.All the coast is shallow approaches so care in onshore winds. Fiumicino Approach Heikell says watch depth, but found loads of water say 7/8 metres.Best approach Porto Turistico in settled conditions also, as it gets scary like a river bar in onshore winds F 6/7.Good Cruising

22-07-08, 20:46
ps if you say you are connected with the ARC race, there is a discount! or in any case ask for a discount> I got 400 off, bu listening to the punters ahead of me signing up!

22-07-08, 21:35
Many thanks for the comprehensive feedback, Paul Much appreciated /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

23-07-08, 16:42
By coincidence we were in Berth 667 at Ostia for the winter of 2006/7, also a 14m berth. It is on the northern end of the marina.

Surging was the only problem we encountered and we virtually lost a stern cleat and broke both our stainless mooring springs. The marina did not inform us what had happened so we came back in March to discover the situation. However we had no real damage other than replace a stainless bolt to the stern cleat and the two mooring springs.

I would suggest that if you aren't living aboard then you need a boat minder for that berth.

24-07-08, 17:58
Hi Nick, noticed you missing from Manoel Island boatyard, Did you winter well? Where are you now? Probably furthest Greece? I did Malta /Sicily/ Sardinia west, Corsica bit of west, and finale to Martigues,Marseilles area in june July this year.
Glad to help Lemain.Fiumicino/Ostia locations were the most convenient I ever used as regards transport on land and by air. It is about 4 hours down to Anzio so day cruising is not an option in the area, nor is there much of interest. Monte Argentario area is great and Porto Santo Stephano has a few public moorings near the yellow crane.These are more sheltered if it blows than the town quay which is reputedly also free, but gets out of hand very quickly.Nice little beach through a short road tunnel cleaner as it is outside the harbour.

02-08-08, 20:38
I spent a couple of nights in Porto Turistico in 2003 and found a cheaper, safer and more comfortable berth in Darsena Traiano, Fiumicino.

From my experiences I couldn't recommend it - thought the security may have improved, Porto Turisico was a byword for petty theft.

12-08-08, 08:49
Hi Charles_reed,

you were lucky with the weather when you berthed in Darsena Traiano.It surges a lot too when the weather deteriorates.The surge does not get in much after the second(bascule) bridge and none is felt about 500m upstream.Levels in the canal seem ok even in prolonged wet spells, though there is a training wall near Michele's yard, which was installed years ago and never had to be used.Good Sailing.