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13-08-08, 18:36
Gearbox from a BMC 1.5 Diesel 2:1 ratio was working well when engine was replaced. Pick up only from the IOW, or if willing to wait untill I travel to the mainland from Bursledon. £150.00

13-08-08, 21:21
Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Henk van der Meulen, and I live in Holland
I am in the owner of a Macwester Malin, an English sailboat built in 1979.
The engine in this boat is a BMC Captain 1,5l 32 hp (24Kw), which is linked to a PRM 160 marine gearbox.
This holiday the gearbox gave problems, , the engine remained well on tour, but didnít turn the propeller. On a low speed it is no problem, but when you turn up the speed the gearbox starts slipping. I suspect that the clutch plates are worn.
I saw your PRM 160 gearbox is for sale.
Do you still have this gearbox.
The only problem will be to get the gearbox to holland.
But that is my problem.
As soon as I know you still have the gearbox, and I know it will link to my engine, I will find out to get it here.

best regards,

H van der Meulen

14-08-08, 16:51
Hi Henk

The gearbox is still available. I have a friend who has furniture delivered from Holland, I will see if they can do a return shipment of the gearbox to Holland. If not come over to England for a holiday and pick the gearbox up. If you want the gearbox you can pay in Euros on picking it up or by PayPal
to rjcoles@aol.com before it is sent.



14-08-08, 23:21
Hi Richard,

That,s a great idea.
When will this furniture delivery take place? Picking the gearbox up somewhere in Holland is no problem. Coming to england is a bit a problem, I,m working as a teacher, and getting days off is not so easy. By the way, we have just been to England with our boat, and have visited Dover castle, and the White cliffs.
Some questions
Was this gearbox also placed in a sailing boat, and why do you sell this gearbox, was your engine broken?
Is there still an identification plate on your gearbox, and if so, can you send me the number on it, so I can be sure it will fit to my engine.
Paying by Pay Pall is no problem. We only have to convert the amount into euro.s

best regards


16-08-08, 06:56

Yesterday I went to a repair firm, and I told him about the problems I had with my gearbox.
He advised me to take the gearbox out of the boat, when the boat is out of the water after the sailing season. After that we can open the box, and see what really the problem is. Spare parts of this type of gearbox are still availeble, and maybe the gearbox is to be repaired.
So I will wait to this beiing happened before I will take the decision to buy your gearbox. Thank you for your help so far.
I let you know how I get on with my "gearboxproblems". I can imagine you find an other buyer for your box before I know something more, that might not be the reason to sell it to another.

best regards,