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24-09-08, 17:25
Going to be in Portugal over the winter and would like internet access from my laptop. Anyone with experience can reccommend what works and what doesnt, have heard it may be better to buy a local sim and or stick or dongle

26-09-08, 12:36
NDH, what do you hope to achieve, where are you going ? (Not the pretentious Algarve I hope). much internet acces in atlantic portugal, no worries.

26-09-08, 12:42
Yes, sadly it is the Algarve, I am looking to be able to use the laptop onboard for weather and e-mail but would like the independance from marina wi-fi or internet cafes

26-09-08, 12:48
Hello NDH, ok, no worries /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Ask about wifi acces in Lagos, Portimao etc, there will be many I am sure wintering over int he darts and pubquiz capitol of the southern part of atlantic spain /portugal lol.
I am not sure if independence from wifi is a good or bad thing ?. it costs moeny, that is bad for me. Wifi is free.
Talk to David (Lemain) although they are much further east.. but many floating appartments exist in Lagos and could advise. For the atlantic coast, I could offer suggestions, but not in sin city.
Best of luck and happy wintering.

26-09-08, 12:56
Remind me. When did you spend your time in Lagos? I am sure that I would not have forgotten you.

26-09-08, 13:03
2005, 2004, only a week at a time, but I CERTAINLY remeber your type..
Did you organsie the spanish lessons or the barbeque ?, cant remember exactly. or indeed the football or the darts, or the cross stitch ? /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

26-09-08, 18:32
No, more involved in raising money for the Lagos orphanage actually.

26-09-08, 21:58
Am I the only one on this forum to find Glugboats posts offensive and rude - has he anything pleasant to say or, for that matter, any useful information to pass on - I don“t think so.

Free wifi is available (or shortly to ba available) throughout Portugal, but often you need to be within range of the local library, where the aerials are usually sited. On the Algarve, at Lagos, Portimao, Olhao (with a good antenna you can receive at Culatra), Vila Real and Alcoutim on the Guadiana. There may be others, but these are the ones I know about.

27-09-08, 07:14
Thanks jeanne, also been told broadband "stick"? is available at a resonable cost, currently researching this and will post anything I find

27-09-08, 09:07
...Am I the only one on this forum to find Glugboats posts offensive and rude.

Absolutely not Jeanne; I would suggest you read up on the Internet term 'Troll'. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll

Whilst these annoying beasties tend to be more prevalent in the children's sections of the Internet, the odd example manages to climb over the gate into the grown-ups area of the garden too. /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

27-09-08, 13:14
Hello leslienrobert
Its simple really, there are social clubs of ex pat brits pretending to be cruisers all over the med. Rasing money for orphanages, sounds like a politician lol.. The truth of the matter is that the locals do not want the brit social club atmosphere in their neighbourhood. and, indeed, the majority of cruisers do not either. It is akin to the brits buying second houses in Brittany and also Spain. Small areas of like minded 'people' with nothing to offer at all to the local community. Lagos is famous for this. You can have a full social calender of like minded interaction at a mundane level. Why do you think a culling is starting to take place, orphanages or not /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif .
And long may it continue to get the campers out of the garden. Too many have made money from house price increases, sold up with no clue and bought an apartment, sorry, boat. They then go and camp in areas that were once tranquil. It is not seen by many as a contribution, more as a leech on another society that they only want for a bit of sunshine and a full social diary of like minded ex council house dwellers and inept personalities. The weekly barbecue is a godsend for the type. Talk of what do you do, what did you do, what is your floating apartment worth etc abounds. Sorry, but it is just moving one group of ex working mens club / yott club (same thing) wallers into another area with sun. Often they take everything and provide nothing in return. This is neither cruising or yachting, just simply camping in a grp bucket. We had a post re a chap new to cruising who said a cafe owner threatened him ? /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif .. yes, I can understand, we see it all the time. The cafe owner is more than likely absolutely correct. Please dont talk to me about Lagos, it is a beautiful place spoilt by the sad ex pat attitude of mini brittain and sod everyone else. So sad, but happening in many places within easy reach of the UK. You dont find crusiers, you find campers. Yo dont find free thinking individuals, you find a social ladder of perceived inadequacy and attempt to convey other personas.
this is NOT yachting, just a modern interpretation of such by people who want a flat in a warmer climate.
There are of course, some genuine people, but they leave rapidly. You are what you eat, or ate. You cannot fit in if you cant open your mind past the dinner party, pub atmosphere.
Long may it continue and long may you be happy until you are moved on leaving a diminishing number of places to house the mini brit society that bogs off most other nationals.

Have fun whilst it lasts

27-09-08, 14:32
May I ask where you live Glugboat - or your nationality? I note that you are not brave enough to fill in any details on your profile. If you cannot add any useful information to these fora, I suggest you go and find another forum to play on where your narrow minded views may receive a better welcome.

27-09-08, 16:34
In Portugal Vodaphone do a dongle for 20 - 30 Euros a month dependent on how much you download. When I asked, the guy in the shop told me that access is good in most of the towns - I asked a shop in Cascais. It does need a 12 month contract.

We are now in Lagos but no point in going to Vodaphone as there is a good free wifi from the marina and we are likely to be there for less than 9 months. If you are moving about a lot then there may be a good reason to go for the dongle.

There is a risk that the marina wifi will go down - after all it is experimental - and so was the one in Cascais which wasnt working when we were there. However there are lots of other wifi which we could connect to - I think!

Dr Bob

27-09-08, 21:31
I am sitting on my boat in Lagos Marina reading the amusing responses to your enquiry via a "connect box" Vodafone dongle, which is "Pay as you Go". I got the connect box modem, unlocked, (Huawei E220) from Vodafone in the UK and signed up for a monthly contract at £20 per month, for a minimum of one month. I cancelled the agreement immediately and was left with the modem and the software for (effectively) £20. I am sure you can get the kit here in a more straightforward manner.
Having acquired the hardware and software, all I had to do was go into the local Vodafone shop and buy a Vita Net "datacard". This is a SIM which provides 10 days/300mb of internet access at a blisteringly fast 3G speed - better than my broadband at home. The initial cost for the datacard is 14.90 euros and this can be recharged every 10 days/300mb or 5 days/150mb for 10 or 5 euros. The Mbs roll over so you have to work hard to use them up. Can someone point me to a good non- pornographic movie download site?
Wi-Fi is a pain, even here in Lagos. A few masts between your boat and the Marina antenna and you are stuffed with your normal laptop setup.
We are just passing through and hope to find a similar deal to Vita Net from Vodafone in Spain.

28-09-08, 06:54
Thanks JayBee that is very helpful, I think that is what I am looking for.

28-09-08, 13:08
I shall be kind and assume that this is not just a silly troll.

I have no idea where you get your information. There is no 'culling' going on in Lagos. The marina, and the locals, are more than happy with the 'ex council house ex pats' as you call them. There are certainly long term cruisers there each winter and not just the long term campers to which you refer (the last time I was there a month ago there were only three long term boats I remember from 2005/6 - 2 UK, 1 German. When I last wintered in Lagos there were US, Canadian, Oz, NZ, German, Swede, Finnish, Norwegian. All had gone by the following May. Many of them imparted important information regarding their experiences of sailing all over the globe. In acknowledgement of their attendance the maina sponsored thr Christmas Party at the Adega - over 120 liveaboards attended.

What are you talking about 'weekly barbeque'? I have never attended any barbeque in Lagos! Are you referring to the Wednesday evening voluntary casual gatherings at the South Bar? Do you mean the Sunday fun racing in the bay which at least encourages people to get the sail covers off ?Are you referring to the tri weekly radio net in the winter which assists people in finding medical support, transport (giving and receiving), and general help with practical and technical matters relating to their boat. Are you referring to the fortnightly walks which give all nations some experience of enjoying local countryside and culture? Are you referring to the Portuguese lessons which enable a minimum of polite communication at the market? What is so bad about all that?

In seven years living aboard nobody ever asked me 'what I did, or used to do' neither did I ask them. This, I find is one of the unwritten rules. After many beers over many weeks in Southern Spain I found out (by accident) that they guy I was drinking with was an Air Vice Marshall (not that it mattered a toss). Far less would anybody discuss the value of their boat!

Come on Glugboat. Fess up, tell us all about yourself and how you come to have such strong opinions on this subject.

28-09-08, 16:22
Did you organsie the spanish lessons

[/ QUOTE ]
I would not worry too much about the ramblings of someone who think the Portugee speak Spanish!
This troll is Trouville or simply some sad jealous barsreward who does not like to see anyone enjoying their life, he obviously has problems of his own, his frustration at life is plainly obvious.

29-09-08, 18:51

10 euros for 300mb seems a bit more expensive than the 20 Euros for 1 gb that I was quoted in the vodaphone shop in Cascais. I think it was also 30 Euro for 3Gb. It did need an annual contract though.

Ref the wifi connection - we have an external anntenna which is far better than the one in the laptop. I have tried 2 different ones and both were a significant improvement. We are on N pontoon in Lagos and the connection speed is very good. In Cascais, one of the antennas was picking up the hotel Baia - a good half mile away from where we were in the Marina.

Dr Bob

29-09-08, 21:40
Hi Dr Bob

We are en route to Spain for the winter, so an annual contract in Portugal doesn't appeal - although it may well be a good option for the OP.
We have tried various external antennas for wifi, (but not in Lagos), and our experience with them has been pretty mixed. Friends on B pontoon here in Lagos say that their wifi connection is unreliable, so there seems to be an element of luck in where your berth is situated.

We also spend a fair amount of time at anchor, where a good omni-directional antenna is more suitable than a dish, and those we have looked at are quite expensive. Away from a marina I think the 3G/GPRS dongle is currently a better bet than trying to find a usable, open wifi connection. Understandably, encripted wifi now seems to be much more common than open networks, which it might be illegal to connect to anyway!



01-10-08, 13:32
Hello all
No, not a troll, and not Trouville, he is a rather nice guy who has far, far more actual experience of liveaboard than most here, and no again, I am not him.
As for culling, well, there by the grave of allah etc. YES, the authorities in Spain and Portugal are taking a long hard look at “liveaboard campers“. Not, may I add, at the liveaboard genuine yotties who pass through, only those that outstay their welcome.
To the Lagos fraternoty, please note, the transients, the hard core campers I mean. Your time is really coming to the finish. The poster who said about orphanages is really trying it on, we have heard it all before and it gets thin.
Its like this. Europe has opened up with the EU et al, however, there is a finite limit between people who contribute to the overall wellbeing of the local society and those that sponge. Long may you soak, or, indeed, not long. ,).there ARE moves afoot to get rid of the spongers on society and they are taking place throughout mainland spain and Portugal. If you have not become aware yet, then no worries.
I am sorry if some of you get upset by the notion of an all pals club in the sun being only anti social to a few, it really is not the case.
Your days are numbered due to EU rules now HAVING to be enforced due to the few ruining it for the masses.
A new era of so called cruising yotties has arrived, new money, call it what you will. It is a shame. some want the life they read about in many books, but only get so far as a ryan air flight and a place where the little woman can travel by said ryanair or train ferry et al. it is NOT crusing. I have no real concerns for the type, life is what you make of it, but many of you live a false dream. your boat is a tent. You dont sail, you plant roots. you have no idea of the true realities of liveaboard sailing and life.
Yes, its a differing and new reality. It wont go away, I am not naiive enough to even think for one minute that it may. but perrrleease, dont try to join a group you are so far away from that it is sad.
Is the actual liveaboard cruising life so different from that which you aspire ?. yes. it is.. it is a matter of self reliance and subsistence, the ability to understand all and everything within your grasp. NOT pay the local bod to fix the inevitable fault, to return to the UK for a few monthes for a fix.

To all who think I am out on a limb, read Hiscock et al.

I am not a person who likes the OLD ways, but I do appreciate the orignal phylosophy of WHY people crusie. I do NOT follow the cheap apartment in the sun regime spawned by get rich quick muppets with no real idea of either life, sailing or social interaction apart from on a ““Jones““ scale.

You shun the like of Trouville.. he was actually quite normal, until he was influenced by some who said he should write a book lmao !... he then had a n“spike“in his understanding. he is over that me thinks. the guy is one of the few true (or Trou““) cruisers.
This is not a safe trou campain, others have done that. WHilst he entertained, he was allowed, then he wasnt.. what went wrong ?did he hit a few nerves. ? yes, probably he did.

The great thing about these forums is the ability to ignore users. I hope many choose that option for MY posts. some may not, thats great. the ones that do, either find the posts not to their taste or offensive. Offensive is to one, as friends are to the next man, or woman, or inbetween.
Talk of anchors etc show the truth, the realists KNOW they need diversity, the muppets rely and sing the praises of one.
FIn keel spade rudder modern boats are NOT designed for long distance safe travel, but many extol the virtues of such,
it says a lot.
Why one must ask ?
Marketting and lack of true knowledge and understanding. AND lack of desire to actually travel.
Lagos is the epitomy of what is wrong with the true meaning of liveaboard cruising.
Beleive, or dont. its your call. where do you lay your hat ?
A person that rides a honda 50 is not a biker, a biker is not a road angel, and the hells angels are not road angels /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
I am neither a hells angle or a honda 50 rider.
Where am I ?
WHY would you want to know, does it allow you to put me in a box?
not on your wife !.. and trust me, I have been on many.

01-10-08, 15:54
Most folks on these forums are friendly and helpful genuine sort of peeps, on the other hand you are a true sad and lonely tosser!

04-10-08, 14:45
Nice one, many thanks Davy /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
Are you also in Lagos or a similar setup ?
The Ionian is a bit of a gringe trap too, you must admit /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif
Or have you found a limited place to anchor ?, amidst the sunsail and charter and flotilla masses of like minded experienced sailors to add to your worldly knowledge. Sounds like heaven. but, surely you are missing an angel or two.

07-10-08, 09:56
> "I do appreciate the orignal phylosophy"
Ah, and I appreciate a puzzle, very few clues in this one, but that's quite a distinctive misspelling.

A quick search on google, ("phylosophy" ybw [quotes required]) gives us another GlugBoat and a CaptainSlarty post exhibiting the same misspelling.

I hereby claim my prize!